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Enabling e-commerce across borders!

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Enabling e-commerce across borders!

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Planning is a vital aspect of cross-border e-commerce. Strategic Planning helps online merchants increase sales through proper planning and execution. Merchants get access to our custom-built strategies to plan market entry strategies, pricing planning, inventory allocation per market optimised for sales and seasons. We offer valuable insights from our database like which product to sell on a particular marketplace of an overseas region to get the maximum amount of sales.

Technology driven e-commerce solutions empower online businesses to boost revenues by reducing operational costs. By integrating services, we enable the merchants to enhance their operational efficiency. Generation of daily reports and invoices, pricing, inventory and order management, open-source integration and multiple marketplaces integration.

How We Do It

Eunimart team comprises experts in the e-commerce arena who know whats and hows of the cross-border business. The category managers ensure that the catalogue is optimised in accordance to the marketplaces overseas; the SKUs are distributed in different marketplaces according to the demand; orders, deliveries and payments are settled at real-time pace which gives the seller and the buyers a hassle-free experience. The sellers need not worry about logistics, payments, licenses, customs/duties, taxes or any cultural hindrances that might come up in any of the overseas region.

How Does Technology Help

There is no denying that technology has brought people closer. E-commerce by itself is a product of technology. Your content is divided into small pieces of information, analysed heavily and allocated into the right division of the cross-border e-commerce business. Gone are the days when you had to manually identify the right products for the right marketplaces. Consumers now want fast deliveries and cheaper prices. Technology bridges the gap between the consumers’ demands and the sellers supplies. Our software knows where your products will flourish which will bring you more sales. As simple as that!

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