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Customer First, Always!

Know everything and maintain that special connection with your customers even as your business grows across multiple countries and channels. Connect all the dots. Personalize their journey and remember their preferences across all your channels of sales. Your customers will remember the experience of buying from you. Make them fall in love with your brand by consistently delivering a great experience.

Eunimart’s omnichannel platform is designed to help you understand your customers and create a great experience for them across all channels – B2B, Retail, Ecommerce, Domestic and Global. Eunimart helps you to optimize your channels easily Read more…..

Sell Anywhere & Manage on a Single Platform.

Manage your business, no matter where you sell.

Disconnect your channels of sales and the backend operations. Let your brand grow wings. Let sales come from anywhere and everywhere while giving your customers a great experience!

Eunimart’s platform allows brands to connect any number of sales channels and then manage the operations through a single platform. The world is progressing really fast and new channels of sales are coming up every week!

Add all the channels easily and no need to maintain separate teams to handle sales, marketing, etc and build separate processes for each channel of sale Read more….

Warehousing, Distribution, Franchisees, Freight, Courier, Postal – Simply Ezi, Simply Global!

Manage your domestic and global warehousing needs on a single platform. Eunimart’s Warehouse Management System and Virtual Warehouse Management Systems are built to scale with your business.

We understand what brands need when they start off or when they seek to scale their business across markets &  different channels of sales. For ecommerce merchants looking to use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or looking for warehousing partners in other countries, we have integrated multiple global solutions and built a Virtual Warehouse Management System Read more….

4 Continents | 100+ Countries |  25 ecommerce channels of sales covered on a single platform.

Eunimart offers brands a unique integrated, flexible platform, specifically designed for global growth. We work extra hard to identify the top ecommerce channels in every country for shipping and payments options, government regulations and product categories, marketplace rules and customs clearance partners – we find and partner with them after extensive testing.

We are currently partnered with almost all top ecommerce marketplaces from around the world and we keep adding more marketplaces every month. We advise our partners on international best practices as well. Read more….

Ezi Retail – Reimagine your brand.

At Eunimart, we love to partner with brands and power their dreams to grow fast and go big! Add more stores and replicate them easily on the platform for complete control at each teller level and get insights on every customer. 

Centralized operations with clear visibility over every transaction, coupled with distributed management and authority help brands to respond to challenges in real time and formulate well crafted strategies. 

Eunimart’s omnichannel Supply Chain Management system help brands to keep costs low, set up rule based automation and control sourcing, delivery, stocking, etc. Read more….

Market Intelligence | Sales Prediction | Competitive Pricing | Cataloging Intelligence | Image Correction | Content Optimization | Inventory Optimization simplified

While all brands know of the immense potential in the global markets, most do not venture out due to the lack of clarity and understanding about markets, customers, demand and regulations.

Eunimart’s Artificial Intelligence tools help merchants easily expand across multiple markets, provides them with all the visibility and intelligence they need to succeed.

Predicting sales for your products and automatically optimizing the images, pricing, catalogue & inventory are individual tools that help to create top selling products. Go Global, Its Ezi! Read more….

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