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Sales Prediction, Competitive Pricing, Image Correction, Content Optimisation, Inventory Optimisation

While all brands know of the immense potential in the global markets, most do not venture out due to the lack of clarity and understanding about markets, customers, demand and regulations. We created our Artificial Intelligence tools to help merchants easily expand to multiple markets, provide them with all the visibility and intelligence they need to succeed. Predicting sales for each of your products or automatically optimising the images, pricing, or inserting the best keywords which will help your products climb the marketplace SEO are individual tools that help to create top selling products. Go Global, Its Ezi!

Bring together all Product Intelligence tools and automatically create catalogs

98% of the brands find it tough to create quality catalogues. The complexity in creating unique catalogues for each marketplace is really high. There are more than 14000 unique categories. There are more than 60 marketplaces globally bringing high sales. The permutations and combinations are very high when creating good catalogues. Training staff or finding trained people becomes impossible beyond a point, forcing brands to limit themselves to a few categories or marketplaces. Eunimart 360’s second generation cataloging tool brings together our years of experience in building unique products and creates the best possible catalogues automatically. Sell more focus on creating amazing experiences for your customers!

Top Products and Top Marketplaces by category, Top sellers, Competitive Products

One of the toughest things to do when going global is to get actionable intelligence on the markets. This means that chances of success are lower. A lot of time and money is spent in researching, planning and testing the markets. In our mission to make crossborder commerce simple and viable for all brands, we have created a lot of intelligence that helps us to provide unique insights about your products. Our tools tell you top products, marketplaces, your competition and the products they sell which helps you to make better decisions, increasing sales and saving a lot of money.

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