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      Beginner’s Guide to Sell on Amazon


      You might get overwhelmed by visiting the Amazon platform and start wondering about ‘How to start selling on Amazon’. With a large marketplace (that is constantly growing) with over 150 million customers, Amazon has become a household name in India. The registration process for a seller account on Amazon is very straightforward. Once you complete that process, you need to list your products in a way that attracts customers to your page. Once a customer places an order, you can deliver it yourself or allow Amazon to do it for you.

      How selling on amazon works: Choosing the Correct Plan

      There are two plans for sellers that help sellers understand how to start selling on Amazon. The Individual plan charges a fixed amount per sale, while the professional plan charges a lump sum per month. You can choose a plan that suits your business and helps you start selling on Amazon India.

      Cost of Selling on Amazon

      To understand how to start selling on Amazon, you must first look at the cost of using this platform. The price includes items like subscription fees, selling fees, shipping fees and FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) fees. The overall cost depends on the type of plan you choose, the number of items sold and the option selected for delivering the product to the end customer. As a seller, you should get a grip on these things to know how selling on Amazon works.

      What is needed to start selling on Amazon?

      If you want to know how selling on Amazon works, you must be aware of the formalities you must complete to register as a seller. The documents you will need to help you in your mission on how to start selling on Amazon are as follows:

      • A National ID issued by the government
      • Credit card
      • Bank account number
      • Bank routing number
      • Tax information
      • Phone number

      Having these documents will help you in your objective on how to start selling on Amazon India

      Learn about Listings

      As a seller, you must first understand the importance of product listing to get an idea of how selling works on Amazon. You must have a Global Trade Item number, SKU, product title, product description, product images and a list of keywords that you can use for product description. These things will help you successfully list your product and get a grip on how selling on Amazon works.

      You are Just Getting Started

      Sellers can only boost sales if they first grasp how selling on Amazon works when they register with this service. They can use this platform to display their products to a vast and diverse customer base. They can choose a plan that improves their sales and optimizes product delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are still in doubt, help from Eunimart is always just one click away.

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