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Cross-Border Ecommerce Workshop Rajkot


There was a time when Rajkot was synonymous with wealth! To be honest it is still an epitome of rich inherence. Before the English men invaded India, Rajkot was envied by the world for its diamonds and jewelry. The Indians took pride in its inherent wealth. During the British invasion, almost everything was looted which rendered the region useless. But guess what? Rajkot’s resilience proved to be one of the greatest achievements a region had ever shown after a catastrophe like the ruthless British captivity. Today we continue to cherish the region’s jewel diversity. It is no surprise that the merchants and businessmen of Rajkot are hard-working who leave no stone unturned to create a successful business community. Businesses have gone online to make the most of the opportunity.

What is it all about?

Eunimart, a leading cross-border e-commerce company known for enabling online sellers in India to sell internationally is hosting a workshop in Rajkot, Gujrat in collaboration with Rajkot Gems & Jewellery Association. This workshop will address everything you have been wanting to know about cross-border e-commerce business. You are a top seller within the Indian borders and you want to be a top seller on the world map. Well, think no more! This is the avenue where you will have an opportunity to meet the actual e-commerce industry experts who are also termed as “e-commerce aficionados”.

What can you expect?

Whether you are an online merchant, a budding entrepreneur, an e-commerce enthusiast, an e-commerce journalist, an offline business tycoon or an individual poised to venture into the e-commerce industry, you would be surprised to hear things you never thought you would. Bring all your questions regarding overseas selling to this workshop and leave the rest to us. There will be networking sessions with the industry experts. The experts have held board level positions in the top market-places and you will be the very audience to listen to everything they have to say.

They will give their valuable insights on:

  • What cross-border e-commerce is
  • Why you should sell in the overseas market
  • How you should go about it
  • And what you will get out of the international e-commerce market

In addition to this, you will learn about multiple market-places overseas! And this is just an overview of what you can expect from the workshop.


The event will be spearheaded by the Rajkot Gems & Jewellery Association members and Eunimart leaders. There is nothing better than an in-person interaction. To ensure this, there will be a networking session with lunch where you will get the necessary exposure to chart out plans to expand your sales and get all the necessary insight with a focus on your current business.

At the end of the day, you will also get an opportunity to discuss your business and how it can align with the demand from the international market. The event is the girth of cross-border e-commerce you will ever need and at the end of the event, you will have a new outlook on cross-border e-commerce!


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