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  • How Can You Boost Your Sales on Amazon

    How Can You Boost Your Sales on Amazon

    Although Amazon is the biggest marketplace globally, generating sales on this platform can be a tricky proposition. Increasing competition, price margins, and a limited span of attention can make selling very difficult. We will try to understand more about how to increase sales on Amazon through the following paragraphs. Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors Competitor […]

  • What is Amazon Seller Flex

    What is Amazon Seller Flex

    Amazon Seller Flex helps sellers with first-hand knowledge about its best warehousing, inventory management, and shipping practices. It allows sellers to gain a better understanding of managing their inventory. At the same time, it also gives them an option to enjoy benefits under the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. While sellers control receiving the order, […]

  • What is Flipkart Advantage

    What is Flipkart Advantage

    ‘What is Flipkart Advantage?’ It is an inventory management system that helps entrepreneurs in warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and handling return requests. It provides customers with options like same-day delivery, 30 day return period, etc., to incentivize sales. Since this program works on an ‘invitation only’ basis, sellers need to register with Flipkart and list […]

  • Who Can Sell On Paytm

    Who Can Sell On Paytm

    Paytm is a mobile wallet service launched in 2010 to help users store money in their virtual wallets that they can use for online transactions. It has also diversified into the E-commerce space under the brand name Paytm Marketplace. Any individual, partnership firms, Limite liability entities, private or public limited companies who want to sell […]

  • Sell Handmade Products Online

    Sell Handmade Products Online

    Indian Handmade has a robust market not just within the country but also among the overseas audience. Although knockoff Chinese products have made a dent in the market, many people still prefer authentic handmade products. An E-commerce website dedicated to these items will help businesses reach customers without much effort. Here is a glimpse of […]

  • What Do You Mean by Logistics Service Providers

    What Do You Mean by Logistics Service Providers

    Logistic Service Providers, also known as 3PL (third party logistics), are responsible for managing the warehousing, distribution, and transportation of freight of shippers who have outsourced them this job. Their work is comparable to that of freight brokers, but they have access to better tools, technology, and knowledge, because of which their service quality is […]

  • How to Start an E-commerce Business in India

    How to Start an E-commerce Business in India

    The E-commerce space in India has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. The market is currently valued at billions of dollars, with additional room for growth and penetration into rural markets. It has also generated substantial employment opportunities all around the country. With more players entering this market every year, the […]

  • What is Inventory Management Software?

    What is Inventory Management Software?

    Inventory Management Software is a system that allows companies to track and allocate their stocks across multiple locations, which helps to maintain a proper warehouse management system. It provides information on things like the present location of goods, existing stock levels, or availability issues. It integrates with multiple systems like E-commerce platforms or physical outlets […]

  • How to Become a Limeroad Seller

    How to Become a Limeroad Seller

    Limeroad – owned by A.M. Marketplace Private Limited – is one of the leading online fashion apparel E-commerce portals competing with the likes of Amazon and Flipkart. Anyone who is either a fashion designer or a manufacturer/retailer of fashion garments, handloom, or fabric is eligible to become a Limeroad seller. Registering on this portal can […]