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    The necessity for a comprehensive inventory management system has been accelerated by evolving technologies and changing consumer preferences. The following are some of the most important reasons why it is helpful to every corporate entity: The ERP software integrates and connects the various corporate processes. Inventory procurement, warehousing, production, human resource, finance, marketing, and sales […]

  • What are Shipping Carriers?

    What are Shipping Carriers?

    Shipping carriers are a vital part of any company’s success when dealing with agents stationed abroad. The whole purpose of international shipping carriers is to ship items without dealing with customs, which makes importing and exporting easier than ever. You will have to choose a reputable shipping service provider who can provide you with speedy […]

  • Characteristics of Multichannel Supply Chain Strategy

    Characteristics of Multichannel Supply Chain Strategy

    Changes in shopping behavior and consumer preferences have accelerated the shift toward multichannel supply chains, giving consumers more options in how they purchase goods. Customers can buy items by placing orders online or stepping into a physical store; however, these multiple supply chain channels are usually kept separate.  With increasing dependence on technology, supply chain […]

  • What is ecommerce warehousing?

    What is ecommerce warehousing?

    In the US, ecommerce sales have seen an increase of over 50% in the last three years alone, and people are noticing. As more businesses move online, they face higher demand, and with it, the need for a dedicated space to store their products. Online retailers turn to ecommerce warehousing to manage a number of […]

  • What is Dropshipping Business

    What is Dropshipping Business

    The dropshipping business is a retail business model that involves the shipment of goods from a third-party supplier to a customer. The third-party supplier is responsible for all aspects of the sale, including processing and shipping the goods, customer service, and returns. Dropshipping is an online commerce approach in which a retailer does not keep […]

  • What is a Virtual Warehouse

    What is a Virtual Warehouse

    A virtual warehouse is “a state of real-time global visibility for logistics assets such as inventory and vehicles. “ In other words, it is the software responsible for providing a comprehensive view of all materials and assets for logistics and fulfillment purposes. This inventory can be stored anywhere in the world and distributed as and […]

  • How To Ship Internationally From India: Steps

    How To Ship Internationally From India: Steps

    You need to follow specific steps to ship internationally from India. The e-commerce industry in the US is a bit different from India. But it is supposed that the ecom industry will boom in India and be able to compete with other countries. But there are specific steps that one must be aware of when […]

  • What Is Shipping Insurance

    What Is Shipping Insurance

    Shipping insurance is a policy that helps you cover lost, stolen, or damaged shipments during transit with a carrier. The shipper will be able to purchase coverage for one package or a group of packages, or even a large cargo or freight shipment. This insurance is commonly purchased for expensive or valuable items. A business […]

  • E-commerce warehouse management: what is it?

    E-commerce warehouse management: what is it?

    It is essential to understand the Importance of warehousing and avail it for fulfillment solutions by choosing an apt warehousing system. It is crucial to keep certain things in order when selling online. Thousands of users can turn to their phones and start ordering. You must keep investing in e-commerce warehousing because it becomes essential […]

  • International Shipping Carriers and Their Respective Shipping Rates

    International Shipping Carriers and Their Respective Shipping Rates

    While it is essential to be aware of the various shipping rates for individual carriers, as always, at the end of the day, you will have to weigh your options and do what works best for your business. Types of Freight Services: Ocean, Air, Rail, and Road Freight is any goods that are delivered. There […]