Crossborder Ecommerce Workshop, Delhi

Held on 16th June, 2017



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Haneet Kaushal

Category Associate
Ebay, India

Category Manager, Ebay, spoke at length about the potential of international ecommerce markets, about the size and potential of outbound crossborder ecommerce from India, the categories in focus in corssborder ecommerce and the tools which Ebay provides to create a 360 degree support system for sellers selling outbound from India.

Sanjeev Choudhary

VP - International
DTDC Express Ltd.

VP, International, DTDC, spoke at length about both inbound and outbound logistics from India. Sanjeev also answered a lot of questions on the different shipping methods, regulations surrounding logistics and the best practices as well as cost effective methods in logistics.

Shayak Mazumder

CEO, Eunimart

CEO, Eunimart, spoke about Eunimart, the processes, the tools and services that Eunimart provides to help Indian sellers succeed internationally. Shayak also spoke about the various markets, their intricacies, the details of the various marketplaces which are partnered with Eunimart and the growth of crossborder ecommerce in these markets.

Gaurav Shisodia

Director - Business development - Partnerships, Payoneer

Director, Business Development, India, spoke about the various risks and challenges associated with repatriating payments from across various markets, the growth of ecommerce as a sector in the most developed markets and the scope of Indian merchants selling globally. He also focused on the advantages of Payoneer over various other services.

Madhu Sundaramurthy

Senior Manager - Innovation Hub
Mayflower Language Services Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Manager, Innovation Hub, spoke about the importance of localisation of products for increasing conversions with proven examples of sellers who had gone from being small SMEs to large enterprise sellers through translating their products into various languages.

Mohit Singla

CEO, Silk Rute

COO, Silk Rute, spoke about the services that Silk Rute provides and how it enables small handicrafts sellers from across the country to sell globally


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Introduction to Workshop on Crossborder Ecommerce by Dibyendu Ganguly, VP Business Development, Eunimart.

Shayak Mazumder, CEO, Eunimart - FAQs by Sellers.

Shayak Mazumder, CEO, Eunimart - Presentation on Multiple Marketplaces and Q&A Sellers.

Crossborder Logistics by Ravi Manhass, VP, Logistics and Operations, Eunimart Crossborder Private Limited.

Silk Rute Presentation.

The benefits of multi-language translation and localisation by Madhu Sudhamurthy, Senior Manager, Mayflower Language Services.

Payoneer - Presentation by Gaurav Shisodia, Director, Business Development.

Mark Dorsey, Bonanza, Co Founder, Introduction to Indian Sellers selling through Eunimart.

DTDC - Presentation by Sanjeev Choudhary, VP International, DTDC Express Ltd.