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      E-commerce warehouse management: what is it?


      It is essential to understand the Importance of warehousing and avail it for fulfillment solutions by choosing an apt warehousing system. It is crucial to keep certain things in order when selling online. Thousands of users can turn to their phones and start ordering. You must keep investing in e-commerce warehousing because it becomes essential as your business grows.

      E-commerce warehouse management means the process of storing your products for online sale. E-commerce warehouse management involves all the techniques included like:

      • Managing the employees who work for you in the warehouse
      • Keeping your products safe and secure
      • Tracking the equipment
      • Inventory management that consists of both finished goods and raw materials
      • Monitoring the entire process starting from when the stock arrives up to shipping it out to a customer
      • Maintaining good relationships with the shipping carriers
      • Maintaining safety precautions to protect your employees as well as the inventory
      • Make sure that you do not run out of stock of your products

      Type of warehouses

      Each warehouse is different from one another. A warehouse that will work well for a start-up business might not be helpful for a steady business that is already on the rise. These are some of the main types of e-commerce warehouses.

        • Public warehouses

          A governmental body owns a public warehouse. Small business owners use it to store their products because it is an affordable option.

            • Private warehouses

              Wholesalers or distributors on private warehouses cost more than public warehouses. Still, they can be an excellent move for small e-commerce businesses.

              Cooperative warehouses

              Organizations like farmers and wineries operate cooperative warehouses. They can be used to store goods by the co-op members at a reduced rate.

              Government warehouses

              Government warehouses are owned by the government body and controlled by them. They are offered at affordable rates to several businesses.

              Fulfilment centers

              Fulfillment centers are also known as distribution centers built only for specific requirements and are often temporary.

              Smart warehouses

              Smart warehouses use AI automation to handle storage and management. They can use robots and drones to pick and pack orders for shipments.

              Bonded warehouses

              These are used to store imported goods before a company is to pay the customs duties. Authorities give these out as renting spaces so that a company doesn’t have to lose money when the products are released.

              Consolidated warehouses

              Consolidated warehouses take small shipments from different suppliers and group them into a large load before distributing them to the buyers.

              Benefits of warehousing your products

              There are plenty of benefits of warehousing and products, and a few of them are as follows- 

              • Production support

              Consistent production support is excellent as it can reduce your production lead times.

              • Opportunity to expand further

              Warehousing allows you to expand because you will be able to focus on your whole business once the products can be taken care of.

              • Packing and processing

              The warehouse will help you not just in storing your products but will also help you to pack and provide shipping services.

              Best practices of e-commerce storage warehousing

              No matter what kind of warehouse you choose, it is essential that you select the best practices to keep your operations running smoothly. You can implement the following tips – 

              • Using an e-commerce warehouse management system
              • Integrating it with your other tools
              • To store your inventory across various distribution centers
              • Setting inventory minimum
              • Testing multiple picking systems

              On-demand warehousing

              On-demand warehousing is an excellent way since many offers are being offered online. You can choose to outsource complete or partial warehousing, depending on your business type and stage.

              Two-day shipping

              Major online sites like Amazon have a definite target of two-day delivery. Hence most smaller e-commerce warehouse solutions should strive towards the same goal. Otherwise, your consumers will start going to your competitors.

              Combination of traditional and e-commerce warehouse locations

              Most e-commerce warehouses do not require different areas or warehouses. It is known that 70% of these companies combined traditional retail and e-commerce warehousing operations. Although various sections of such facilities can be used for specific e-commerce purposes

              Creation of touch plan strategies for different orders

              A smaller order must have fewer touchpoints, although large orders should also have minimal touchpoints. A touchpoint strategy should always be in place for different orders, including e-commerce orders. An indicator can help pickers and packers easily identify such shipments.

              Implement technology to boost training and mobility

              Training and mobility are essential because new employees must know how to complete the training from anywhere in real-time. Personalized training modules can help the new hires learn quickly to start working immediately reduce the overhead costs, especially during peak seasons.

              Use adaptable Pack zones or stations

              It would be best if you weren’t rigid when it comes to your warehouse, as it can be highly incompatible with e-commerce. Your plans and strategies will constantly fluctuate based on forecasts and real-time data. They will keep changing based on how your consumers place their orders. Use the existing areas and convert them into different zones or stations. It will allow the order packing process to be faster and further help with more immediate delivery.

              Importance of e-commerce warehousing

              Millions of people are ordering things online, which means that as an e-commerce seller, you must be well prepared. This is why it is so important to invest in good e-commerce warehousing so that you can adapt to the changes of the market based on the demands of your direct consumers. Good e-commerce warehousing will also ensure that you can constantly grow and expand your business. You will be able to provide the best services to your consumers. Storing products and being able to deliver them to consumers is the best way to keep flourishing as an e-commerce business owner.

              E-commerce warehouse management system: a short note

              A proper e-commerce warehouse management system will quickly help you monitor and control day-to-day operations. It will give you real-time insight into product availability and inventory levels. It will also help you manage the e-commerce supply chain. It is also beneficial for forecasting inventory and streamlining all the order fulfillment.

              You must choose the right warehouse management system because it could make or break your business. Choosing the wrong one can lead to a significant loss, and you will also not be able to handle any of the requirements. Make sure that you are well aware of the accuracy. You should also consider the return on investment and make sure that it can be used to train your employees quickly to start working with the management system.

              Bottom Line

              Having a proper e-commerce warehouse in place will help you with your business. It is essential to have a warehouse to keep expanding your company and have eyes on each aspect of your business. E-commerce is flourishing day by day. If you want to become a successful e-commerce business owner, you must have a proper warehouse.


              1. What is a warehouse checklist?

              Ans: Warehouse inspection checklists are an essential safety management tool. Safety inspections can also improve the feedback loop between worker health and company safety policies. Discover problem areas or hazard trends by evaluating all checklist reports over a given timeframe.

              1. What is quality control in a warehouse?

              Ans: Quality control benefits a warehouse in that it should successfully catch issues early on and limit any future mistakes. This can help tighten up inefficient processes or aid in diagnosing a specific problem and improve warehouse efficiency.

              1. How do you ensure products aren’t lost or damaged during shipments?

              Ans: Protective packaging can be of many types. All you have to do is to choose wisely which ones would fit best for your products. The common protective packaging is an airbag inflation system, pack foam packaging, and bubble wrap.

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