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      eBay or Amazon?


      According to the most recent industry data, Amazon is the largest e-retailer in the United States, with net sales of about 386 billion dollars in 2020. If we talk about Amazon, its business model is much more efficient than selling its items. Logistics are made a way easier with the FBA option. Other than this, it is pretty simple to sell things in larger quantities and at a higher price on Amazon. 

      eBay is known for its bidding platform as well as its shopping website. It enables individuals and companies worldwide to purchase and sell a variety of goods and services. In 2020, the eBay marketplace generated around $10.3 billion in net revenue. The most incredible feature of eBay is that it provides seller flexibility. A seller gets complete control over the selling. Aside from that, the fee is much lower. 

      When comparing selling on Amazon vs. eBay, Amazon is the clear winner in garnering consumer confidence. While eBay is ideal for vendors with a specific target audience in mind.

      If we compare Amazon vs. eBay in terms of products, we can see that both companies struggle with personalized items. eBay looks to be a seller’s best friend in terms of competition. Both markets have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the vendor to make it work.

      Guidelines for eBay:

      • Before you put anything on eBay, you need to know how to price your goods. 
      • Begin walking around your house room by room, looking for items on finished listings. Look everything up, even if you don’t believe it’s essential.
      • Every eBay user has a feedback score based on their trade history. It will help you to appear more trusted and authentic in the community. 
      • Selling limitations are imposed on all sellers on eBay, although they are more stringent on novice sellers. eBay prefers that sellers have a clear selling history, and it assesses various restrictions to avoid some amount of fraud.
      • The unique approach to prevent being scammed is to avoid high-risk things such as iPhones, gadgets, etc.

      Guidelines for Amazon:

      • Amazon has 20 categories available to all sellers, so if you want to sell things in any of these categories, you don’t require Amazon’s permission.
      • Select a selling strategy that is appropriate for your business model.
      • Create an account as a seller and list your items.
      • Amazon sales are heavily reliant on reviews. Customers will regard your things as more reliable and trustworthy if you have more thoughts.

      Pros and cons of selling on Amazon

      Pros of selling on Amazon:

      • Increased sales
      • Expansion into other countries
      • Low-cost marketing
      • No stock

      Cons of selling on Amazon:

      • High levels of competitiveness
      • Fees for selling
      • Management of orders
      • Complex data feed

      Pros and cons of selling on eBay

      Pros of selling on eBay

      • Less competition
      • Customer constancy
      • Fewer category limitations
      • Easier to list

      Cons of selling on eBay

      • Lesser audiences
      • Less consumer trust 
      • No execution service
      • Higher fees

      Amazon vs. eBay, which one is better for eCommerce?

      When contrasting Amazon vs. eBay, Amazon is often seen as the more appealing platform due to its international presence and fame and its user-friendly features that allow customers to find what they want to buy quickly. On the other hand, eBay offers a wide range of eCommerce features. If you merely want to trade and don’t want to bother with the site’s management, eBay is a better option.

      It’s now entirely up to you and your sort of business. Make an informed decision about where you want to sell your products.

      Top 5 online marketplaces in India:

      After Amazon and eBay,

      • Flipkart: This eCommerce platform has acquired the 2nd position in India. With 167 million monthly visitors, it is owned by Walmart and owns the fashion marketplace Myntra.
      • Myntra: It is owned by Flipkart is India’s third-biggest online platform, mainly selling fashion and household products.
      • Snapdeal: With 15 million monthly visitors, Snapdeal is India’s fourth-largest online marketplace.
      • Meesho: It is a fashion marketplace that has 3 million monthly visits. It began in 2015.
      • Paytm Mall: The eCommerce division of Paytm, an Indian financial services firm that offers a variety of payment options to both online and offline companies. It began selling electronics, clothes, homewares, consumables, and other items in 2017.

      Did you pick one yet?

      Which one do you choose, Amazon vs. eBay? There is no right or incorrect answer; it all relies on the size and demand of your company. However, just because Amazon or eBay is a better fit for you or your items doesn’t rule out the possibility of selling on the other. Begin by optimizing your thinking and selecting the market that best suits you.


      Do sellers make more money on eBay or Amazon?

      Comparing eBay and Amazon on seller fees is a close one to call. Once you account for PayPal processing fees, eBay is only about 2% cheaper than Amazon. True, those fees are on their way out, but eBay also charges extras to make a listing truly competitive, like the subtitle upgrade.

      Is eBay still the best place to sell?

      eBay is still one of the most popular options for listing and selling items quickly. And because it is an auction site, sellers are often able to get more than the item is actually worth. Just over 10 percent of all retail sales are via ecommerce, and sales are projected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2020.

      Can you sell on Amazon and eBay at the same time?

      You can publish hundreds of your listings from Amazon to eBay. Eunimart Helps you to sell on various marketplaces, all with a single dashboard.

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