Amazon, Shopify, and everything else!

Complete Automation – Listing, Cataloging, Orders, Inventory, Pricing, Payments

Connect all your ecommerce channels of sale and get a unified view. Connect all your domestic and international ecommerce marketplaces and ecommerce stores on one platform

Automate basic repetitive functions. Save 25-40% costs on average per order by automating your daily onboarding, account management, finance and supply chain functions

Drive data and insights to become a top seller. Connect all the dots. Find out more about your products, competitors, marketplaces, and drive higher sales

All your ecommerce channels of sales on a Single Platform

With an increasing number of channels of sales, it becomes extremely difficult to focus on each channel of sale separately. Brands lose upto 30% sales every year by not being able to get a consolidated view of their business. Good decision making requires 360 degree understanding of your business. This becomes even more important when brands look to scale global. Competition gets tougher and capital expenditure increases significantly. The most effective way to scale globally is to enter through ecommerce to understand the market better, test brand perception and optimise product portfolio. Power your global journey with Eunimart.

Save 25-40% costs by automating all repetitive functions

Every time brands need to add a new channel of sale, they need to hire or train staff or find consultants to help understand how to create listings that will sell, how to optimize cataloging, how to fulfill orders, etc. It becomes a lot tougher when international marketplaces are introduced or when selling to international customers through an ecommerce store. Language translation, penalties, local regulations, taxes, duties, etc add to the problems. Use Eunimart’s automation tools to take care of cataloging, listing, inventory update, order fulfillment, etc and save up to 40% costs per order.

Data and Insights - Take back control of your business

When selling in the domestic market, brands do well as they know their customers and their competitors well. Information about your products, markets, customers, competitors is essential to crafting a winning strategy globally. Our reports will help you understand your products, orders, marketplaces and strategies better. Compete with the best brands and build a global brand using Eunimart’s Artificial Intelligence tools. Let Eunimart create the best optimal catalogues for each channel of sale by optimizing the images, product content, pricing and even writing most of the attributes for you! Research your competition or your target markets better using our platform.



The fashion industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Automate inventory, shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

Fashion Accessories

Manage multiple marketplace accounts with our ecommerce automation taking care of repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloging and order management.


The FMCG industry is highly dynamic and is growing rapidly. Manage inventory across all your channels of sales and automate shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

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