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Our sellers often complain that they lack the knowledge to succeed on internationally. One session with one of our experts who has spent many years in the trenches will help you solve the main issues that you are facing, whether it be with strategizing, market entry, portfolio analysis, logistics and operations or marketing strategies and ROI. Channel specific, research oriented and data driven consulting to ensure that you end up as a top seller.

International Strategy and General Consultancy

Shayak Mazumder

CEO / Founder
Global Head Cross Border Sales, MD, Jumia
Cross- Border E-commerce
INSEAD MBA, Successful entrepreneur,
Retd. Officer, Indian Navy
  • Talk to our CEO, Shayak Mazumder, who comes with an experience of leading crossborder ecommerce across 21 countries as the MD of Rocket Internet and is a retired officer, Indian Navy
  • Create a channel specific strategies to optimize which channels to focus on, how to optimize your products and understand best practices per channel. Also, prioritize the channels to focus for best returns on your time and effort
  • Create a category and portfolio strategy to understand the compatibility of your products and how to prioritize your go-to-market strategy. Add or remove products from your catalog to increase conversion
  • If you are an existing seller on international marketplaces, you will get insights on how to create top selling products per channel
  • If you are a new seller on international marketplaces, you can strategize how to create visibility and plan a timeline to become a top seller
Logistics Strategy and Operations Consultancy

Ravi Manhass

VP, operation & Logistic management
20+ Years of Experience in Logistics Sales, Marketing Strategies & Process Planning
Business Development, DHL India, 9.5 years
Area Sales Manager, North India, TNT 7 years
Sales Executive, Blue Dart 2.4 years
  • Talk to our VP, Logistics and Operations, Ravi Manhass, who comes with an experience of 20 years in Logistics, having headed DHL Ecommerce in India, and worked with DHL Express, Blue Dart, etc.
  • Create a logistics strategy for your products per market to reduce costs and generate the highest margins per order
  • Get deep insights on best practices on how to package your products, get the right documentation per country to ensure that your products do not get stuck at customs, understand how to reduce your volumetric weight to avoid unnecessary shipping costs
  • Understand how to avoid losses and damages in transit, and reduce your returns
  • Get a detailed plan on how to cater for returns from different markets
  • Exception planning for remote area pickup, child account creation to get our best rates, etc.
Business Development Consultancy

Dibyendu Ganguly

VP Sales
8 yrs of Strategic Planning & Business Development
Business Development Lead, Primaseller
Manager- Enterprise, Browntape
Head Sales, KartRocket
Service Delivery Manager, Shopify
  • Talk to our VP, Business Development, Dibyendu Ganguly, who comes with 8 years of multichannel ecommerce experience and a deep understanding across all the top ecommerce platforms we work with
  • Do a deep dive to understand product level strategies from keywording, images, repricing strategies
  • Get an understanding of product and category level reports to optimize your strategies
  • Get specific insights on how sellers create best-selling SKUs and highly optimized portfolios by optimizing the content, images and pricing as well as adding or removing products
Marketing Consultancy

Saikat Roy

CMO / Co-Founder
Performance Marketing Manager,
Digital Marketing, Myntra
MBA, University of Wales
  • Talk to our CMO, Saikat Singha Roy, who comes with deep ecommerce and digital marketing experience and will be able to tailor customized marketing plans for your products
  • Understand how marketing experts create the right marketing plans for their catalogs to get the highest returns on investment
  • Understand the different channels that are available to market your products and the ROI per channel. We ensure that you always end up on top of the game by getting you special rates, extra packages, etc.
  • If you are an existing seller on international marketplaces and are looking to increase your sales momentum or have a flattening sales for the last few months and are wondering the best available channels to increase sales, we will explain and provide the best channels for you
  • If you are a new seller on international marketplaces, we can devise customized triggers and plan the most cost effective marketing for you, so that you quickly reach the top of the seller ranking without breaking the bank

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