Ecommerce Technology

Technology-driven e-commerce solutions empower online businesses to boost revenue by reducing operational costs. By integrating e-commerce technology services, we enable the merchants to enhance.

Catalog Mapping

Daily Report

Eunimart keeps account of merchants' day-to-day performance on the marketplaces. We provide detailed reports and analysis on sales, customer demographics and opportunity size to help merchants plan their sales better. We also provide detailed product content, pricing and performance reports to plan product life cycle.


Invoice Generation

Eunimart's built in invoice tab generates and records invoices compatible for Indian merchants. Merchants may view and download invoice for record keeping.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing Tool

Eunimart's unique Pricing Tool helps you plan your prices and sales. The Pricing tool shows merchants competitive prices for their products for all markets and, once merchants enter a Selling Price, the system will guarantee them a Transfer Price.

Confirmed Transfer Price

Opensource Integration

We can integrate with opensource platforms to enable merchants shops on our platform. Platforms like Magento, Shopify, Open Cart and so on are pre-enabled.

Competitive Pricing

Inventory and Order Management

Eunimart manages the inventory and orders for you seamlessly across all the marketplaces. We offer highly systematized and organised inventory and order management solutions for more intelligent, profitable and scalable operations.

Competitive Pricing

Integration with Multiple Marketplaces

Eunimart provides a platform for effortless management of your products across multi-channels. We help you to go live on some of the world’s top marketplaces like Lazada, Pricemister, Jumia, Linio, Cdiscount etc through our in-built integrations.