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      Ecommerce Trademark Class in India


      The E-commerce trademark class includes all the products and services related to the business of online selling, marketing, and advertising. The eCommerce trademark class is generally referred to as class 35.

      The eCommerce trademark class is vast and offers a wide range of products and services registered as a trademark.

      Look Out for Intellectual Property Database

      The Intellectual Property Database in Ecommerce Trademark Class in India is the first of its kind initiative by the Government of India. The initiative aims to bring together all information and knowledge related to Intellectual Property Rights under a single window access system.

      Intellectual Property Rights cover many rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, and geographical indications. These rights encourage innovation and creativity in society by protecting the intellectual creations of individuals and enterprises.

      File Ecommerce Trademark Application

      If you file a trademark application in the eCommerce trademark class in India, you will have to specify the goods or services on which you are using your mark.

      In the case of Indian trademark registration, it is mandatory to specify the class under which you are filing your application. You will have to ensure that your goods or services fall under that class.

      Investigation for Ecommerce Trademark

      Trademark Investigation is a technique that helps the applicant to find out if their trademark or logo has been already registered by someone else. Trademark Search Report is prepared based on the investigation. The report contains all the details of the application based on its similarity with other existing ones.

      It also includes the applications which have been applied for registration but have not yet been registered. This report will help you understand whether you can register your trademark or not.

      Trademark Publication

      The trademark publication in India is published in the Indian trademark journal after registering a trademark. The trademark publication is a legal notice to the public about granting a trademark registration. The trademark publication in India is one of the requirements for registering a trademark in India.

      Registration of Ecommerce Trademark and Certificate

      Trademark registration provides the owner with exclusive rights to use their trademark. The trademark could be a good or service, a business name, or a logo. The Registrar of Trademarks issues a trademark certificate to an applicant who has fulfilled all the requirements for registration.

      After successful Trademark registration, you get a certificate of registration stating that the particular trademark has been registered in your name. This certificate is evidence of your ownership over the specific trademark and is valid for ten years from the date of application and can be renewed further from time to time.

      Trademark Class for Ecommerce Websites: Types

      A trademark can be registered for goods or services within a specific class. There are 45 different classes, ranging from Class 1 (chemicals) to Class 45 (legal services). For example, if you have an online store that sells clothing, you would register your trademark under Class 25 (Clothing).

      Class 35

      Class 35 is a trademark class, meaning it’s aimed at protecting your brand’s name, logo, and other aspects of your business. When you register your trademark, it gives you the right to stop others from using that name or symbol in commerce without your permission.

      The class 35 trademark gives you a legal defense against competitors that infringe on your trademarked name, which could lead to costly litigation (sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars) if you cannot resolve the issue first.

      Class 45

      One of the most famous trademark classes is Class 45. It is a trademark class that covers personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.

      If your company offers legal services, private investigation services, security services, or bodyguard services, you would want to register under class 45. If you sell personal safety products on an eCommerce site, this would be another good reason to choose this class.

      Class 9

      Class 9 in Trademark Class is where all goods related to electrical and scientific apparatus, cinematographic cameras, darkroom accessories, optical devices, measuring devices, electric navigational instruments, and apparatus are classified. All these goods come under Class 9 in Trademark Class.

      Class 9 is a wide-ranging class that includes various types of electrical goods. This can have anything from cameras to toys to computer programs.

      Types of Ecommerce Trademark Registration Signs

      Different types of trademark registration signs or symbols indicate the authenticity and ownership of a particular logo, brand, or design.

      TM Symbol

      The TM symbol is used by a company or person that owns an unregistered trademark on their products and services. This use protects them from other parties who want to copy their logo or product name without permission.

      R Symbol

      The R symbol stands for a “registered trademark.” In other words, it signifies that your brand name or logo has been officially registered with your country’s trademark office.

      As a general rule, you should use the R symbol whenever you use your brand name or logo as part of your marketing materials.

      SM Symbol

      The SM symbol shows that you have claimed rights to a service mark. A service mark is similar to a trademark, but it is used only for service-based businesses. With this symbol, you must provide information about your services.

      Ecommerce Trademark Class | Purpose

      Trademark class is a term used for classifying your product or service. This classification is essential in case you need to register your trademark. If you are in the wrong category, your trademark will be rejected, and you will have to re-apply for the same.

      The purpose of a trademark class is to classify goods and services according to the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) under the Nice Agreement.

      The class is a way of identifying what falls under which heading so that there are no ambiguities in protecting intellectual property rights.

      There are 45 different trademark classes assigned to goods and services provided by businesses. Each class contains a list of goods and services that a trademark can protect.

      For example, Class 25 contains clothing, footwear, headwear, belts, gloves, etc., while Class 35 contains advertising services, business management services, retailing services via mail order or online catalog, etc.

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