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Cross-Border Strategy

Go global. We have your back!

There’s never been a better time to expand your business globally. Cross-border sales are projected to reach nearly 25% of all ecommerce worldwide, and millions of new customers around the world are interested in your products. Want to take your business global? Eunimart’s integrated platform and logistics services add access to 100+ countries without adding complications. 

Supply Chain Management Systems

From a plan to a lot of happy customers.

You can now finally manage your entire supply chain from one platform. Whether across town or around the globe, integrate every component of your supply chain to easily monitor real time performance, improve operational efficiency, and catch problems before they happen. Eunimart customers reduce shipping and logistics costs by as much as 50% while improving delivery times (and customer satisfaction). 

Ecommerce Automation

Automate selling on any marketplace, anywhere.

Ecommerce is growing and so is the number of ways to sell. From Amazon to Flipkart, Shopify to Magento, the complexity of selling across multiple channels can be overwhelming (and costly). Eunimart’s integrated platform brings all your channels together in one place, and our powerful AI functions help you easily optimize your listings no matter where they are. Free up time and money to invest in growing your business, not getting bogged down in routine catalog upkeep. 

Business Intelligence

The data you need, when you need it.

Good decisions come from good data. Eunimart delivers the data you need from across your commercial operations in one place. Easily access and review insights and reports through customizable dashboards to power all of your strategic and operational decisions.

Headless Commerce

Bring flexibility to your business.

Disconnect your channels of sales and the backend operations and experience the freedom to work on both independently. This will prevent any spillover effect and development on one will affect the other platform.

Omnichannel Commerce

One platform that has it all.

With this service you will be able to optimize every channel of your business,i.e. Retail and e-commerce, on one platform. You will over a period of time experience better productivity and streamlined process.

Retail & Point of sale

Manage your offline operations with ease.

Eunimart enables you to seamlessly integrate ecommerce and retail store operations and catalogs on one platform. Manage all transactions, inventory, and orders in one place while unifying performance data across all channels. See at a glance which channels are cash cows and which aren’t breaking even. 

Case Study

How Salasa simplified its sellers’ processes using Eunimart’s customized omnichannel platform

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