How to meet today’s shoppers needs with omnichannel retail strategy

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If I would have shown people the options available today 15 years back, people would don’t believe it. Those many options are available now. Not only options, a greater number of ways, a greater number of platforms, etc came up in these past years. With growing needs, people came up with different products targeting a different set of people. Even the strategies are continuously updated and this can be seen by comparing now with the period 10 years back. It was updated from traditional single channel to online single channel, then online single channel to multichannel and at present, the trend is omnichannel. Why do these changes happen?

With increasing shopper’s needs and expectations, brands are constantly identifying new methods to satisfy the shoppers. Not only the changing behaviours but also the entrance of big giant companies brought new methods to satisfy shoppers. For example: before amazon entering the Indian Market, Flipkart uses to sell very few products. It used DTDC to deliver the orders which gave a bad experience for users. The payment methods were also limited. The question of payment security used to exist in people’s minds. With the entrance of Amazon, many changes happened. It brought choice into people’s lives and concentrated on shopper’s needs. There are other external factors like Covid19, which increased the e-commerce retail sales in October 2020, from 20% to 30%. If marketers observed the recent trend, though the needs of the customers are different and their archetypes are different, one thing is common that experience [prices, selection, and convenience] of the customer.

What is an omnichannel retail Strategy?

An omnichannel retail technique is a way to deal with deals and advertising that furnishes clients with a completely coordinated and fully integrated shopping experience by joining client encounters from brick-and-mortar to mobile browsing and everything that connects them. Omnichannel happens on various channels it is similar to the multi-channel retail methodology. There can be no omnichannel without a multi-channel. The key distinction is that omnichannel retail procedure interfaces all channels for a completely incorporated shopping experience and consistent progress across all stages. The client information and understanding from your numerous channels meet up to shape a bound-together client profile. This understanding is the key to determining the client’s needs and help them through your brand.  You offer the client precisely what they need, the second they need it, anyplace and from any gadget – in both the online and offline worlds.

How does Omnichannel retail strategy help Shoppers?

There are many other factors why the omnichannel retail strategy was able to meet today’s shopper’s needs and expectations. Shoppers always prefer their experience to be wonderful and logistics to be simple. To enrich their experience brands should go for the omnichannel retail strategy which never pushes the product on the user but shows the product the user wants to look at and provides all the insights required for the user regarding the product, price, specifications, and functions with a fully integrated shopping experience. Also, this strategy constantly updates its operational activity and technology to meet the changing customer behaviour which is mostly appreciated by customers. This provides the opportunity for the brands to help customers from anywhere.

A personalized experience: A user always likes personalised experience and nowadays it became a must for brands to provide it to their customers. Users no longer buy the products the search engines pushing it on them. They are searching for a product with some expectations. Each product has its features and always carry essential information with it. By using Omnichannel retail strategy one can identify that essence and convert it into information so that it can show the products related to it which increases the chance of a sale.

Greater Efficiency: Nowadays the shoppers are not only expecting a great product but also looking for a quick and seamless experience. The omnichannel strategy brings greater efficiency as the customers can view the products across all the retail channels. Also, it shows the range of similar products with accurate results. This increases the customer’s choices and benefits the brand greatly.

Productivity: Customers has a choice to buy it from their preferred stores. They can do their research on all the available channels online. They could select the product online, add it to their list and buy it offline. This improves the trust of customers towards the brand and increases loyalty. This helps with better retention.

Favoured Channels: Each customer has their favourite channels. The data regarding that helps the brands to identify the products customer is interested in and to show them on their most preferred and used channels. This will increase the visibility of the products and also increases sales. It also helps users to identify their required products without extra efforts.

Customer Experience: With omnichannel strategy pain points of customers like products of different sizes, their availability, different variants of the product et can be eliminated. The user can have a look at any product, add it to the cart and later buy it in a different size. He can also get all the details of similar products online and can choose the suitable one. He can buy it either online or offline of his own choice.

Efficient Omni Channel Distribution

Eunimart is providing an efficient omnichannel distribution to all its customer’s brands. It can provide the right technological solutions. The right tools set the brand apart from similar brands and help the brand in identifying its customer’s needs. It also helps to keep track of numbers of both online and offline sales so that they won’t miss out on anything. It helps with automation which is one of the essential tools for better performance whereas many organizations are missing this. This automation helps in increasing productivity and reduces the cost 25-40% of the cost on an order. With the help of Eunimart’s intelligent omnichannel strategy brands can provide a pleasant buying and returning experience to their customers. Eunimart also improved sales by 30-40% for their customers. Customer tracking, automation, Integration and personalization are part of Eunimart’s omnichannel support.

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