Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)

“Those in Supply Chain know the impossible is possible.” – And this process is becoming more easier where Eunimart 360 is helping Businesses to monitor everything – flow of goods, data, finances, procurement of raw materials and delivery to the customers under the same roof efficiently and so effectively that it provides them the best competitive edge to gain maximum customer value and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Today, Businesses have many facets, customers are way more knowledgeable and informed. To cope up with them, Businesses should provide them with instant solution, 24*7 facilities, multichannel presence, flexibility and efficiency which matches their energy. It might sound a challenge but no more. Eunimart 360 has bought advanced Artificial Intelligence based systems that assist a Brand with Product Research, Market Research, Cataloguing, setting up Payment channels, showcasing over various omni channel platforms and many more within a single window. These technologies help increase revenues, reduce cost, better utilisation of resources and increase customer value for the Business.

A Brand’s omni channel omni-presence sounds cool but it might not be easy to monitor. But with Eunimart 360’s Order Management Tool your business will have a single click order fulfilment for every product, end to end tracking of each order placed by the customers, multiple shopping platforms can be added with control from a single platform, unlimited number of warehousing options will be availed across multiple marketplaces and the business can track the whole operation to reduce errors and losses and increase profits, everything through a single platform. In a nutshell, it is all you ever need to have a complete control and visibility over your whole business operations across all channels of sales.

However, even before reaching out to the end-customer, your business needs to manage and control the inventory. The planning of the inventory should be such that the warehouse should never run out of products. It becomes more critical when the business has plants and warehouses across multiple places, cities or countries. Because inventory of one warehouse will have a direct impact on other warehouses or on any multichannel platforms. Multi-channel Inventory Management tool of Eunimart 360 comes for rescue where Businesses can plan and manage their inventory in a much better way with maximum utilization for end to end process both for centralized and decentralized inventory process. Eunimart 360 also helps you to add multiple warehouses domestically or internationally, manage complex workflows and maintain virtual warehousing. Eunimart 360 understands what a brand needs to kick start their business and upgrade their operations across borders.

Then comes a major phase of cataloguing the products across multiple channels or marketplace. Uploading, maintaining, pricing numerous products across multiple platforms are few of the tedious work, which both increases cost and burn out resources. Artificial Intelligence lead Unified Cataloguing and Listing Tool of Eunimart 360 helps your business to list the products across all the channels with just a single click. Additionally, it also guides with the content, image and price maintenance. With ease prices of the products in a product line can be compared, predictive pricing of the products across different geographical locations can be derived and based on these best strategic decisions can be taken. The pricing engine helps to identify the best price for products in every marketplace automatically considering every cost into account. The Product Pricing Calculator hence gives a full visibility over the prices of each SKU for all marketplaces with both real time and online data. To decide on the price, as we know it is an absolute requirement to understand the price break up with details like shipping cost, packing cost, payment gateway fees, marketplace commission, duties, charges, taxes and many more. In this way Eunimart 360’s Artificial Intelligence helps to optimise the selling price for different geographies and marketplaces for different channel of operations for your business.

After launching the products and pricing them well, getting orders from the customers and delivering them at the right time or a perfectly functional Logistics Management, plays a vital role in operating your business operations. Eunimart 360’s integrated and automated Logistics Management system is built for Small and Medium Enterprises to manage this delicate task with utmost ease. Starting from choosing the best-in-market shipping rates from up to 10 different Shipping partners to have the advantage of shipping from any location and letting you decide which shipping partners works out well with your organizational structure. This comes with an in-built duties and cross border tax benefits, invoice generation facility, reconciliation of all charges and a tracking system to keep track of the whole process from end to end in a single window panel. It is employee friendly, easy to train and low-cost maintenance platform which gives your business the freedom to strategies with best data and technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain management helps an enterprise to save their cost, human resources, time and many more by providing optimised plan for logistics and fulfilment, predictive analytics and forecasting to optimize inventory and improve the end to end operation and increase efficiency. Eunimart 360 understands where the SMEs faces the challenges in terms of lack of properly trained manpower, knowledge of proper use of data, international business insights, geography-based details like taxes. Due to all these, SMEs find it difficult to work on areas like cost reduction, productivity improvement and bring efficiency into the businesses. Hence, Eunimart 360 helps you at every step with insights like Predictive Sales Analysis, Competition analysis, pricing intelligence, content intelligence, portfolio analysis and inventory intelligence. In a holistic way it helps you to closely monitor your business revenues and performances with their in-depth reports and analysis. These reports help you to understand your business flow better, monitor your business performance and improve areas where you need to take precautionary measures so that you can lead the market with your unique products as a proactive player.

Statistics says there are 63.4 million units of Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) in India and they contribute to 30% of India’s GDP and create jobs for approximately 460 million people. Though they are a major contributor of India’s GDP, SMEs are facing various bottlenecks in terms of methods of operating business and the availability of low rate of technology. Clearly, SMEs have a huge room to improve and attain their full potential and rise to their next level of business growth. Eunimart 360 has analysed and understood the need of the hour that if they can empower these SMEs with best in country technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Process Automation to make enterprise processes like Order Management, Inventory Management, Auto Cataloguing, Product Pricing etc. more efficient, they can be more competitive in Global market and at par with the industry. Hope to see more rising stars empowered with Eunimart 360’s one window, one stop enterprise solutions.