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      Essential Steps For Registration on Shopclues


      To register and sell on the Shopclues login portal, you must follow these steps:

      • Login to the website, click on Merchant Registration and register on the seller login Shopclues portal.
      • Provide details like name, email ID, contact number, GSTIN Number, PAN Card, Bank account details and business location. 
      • Complete the seller service fee agreement. It contains information regarding service and fulfilment fees.
      • Shopclues India will conduct a follow-up on background verification of your venture. 
      • Once the verification is complete, your seller login Shopclues portal will get activated so that you can list your products.

      Step by Step Guide on Becoming a Shopclues Seller

      If you wonder how to sell on Shopclues India, our step-by-step guide will make this process easier. It will help you sell on the Shopclues login portal without much effort.

      Required Documents

      You must give copies of the following documents along with the Seller Registration form to register with sell on Shopclues login portal:

      • Name and Address Proof (Aadhaar card, electricity or telephone bill)
      • Cancelled Cheque
      • GSTIN number
      • PAN card 
      • Authorization letter
      • Digital signature along with the company stamp
      • Trademark certificate
      • Authorization letter

      Register to get a Seller Login on Shopclues

      After you log in to the store manager section of the website, you can register your business on the portal. Once you click on the Merchant registration link on the page, you will get redirected to another page. You must submit relevant details regarding your business. Post-verification of documents, you can officially register as a seller on Shopclues India.

      Uploading Products

      You can upload products on the seller login Shopclues portal while keeping the following things in mind:

      • Give the complete Product Name(s)
      • Mention the significant attributes of your product
      • Upload good quality images without any text or artwork and with proper image background 
      • Provide a detailed product description along with relevant keywords

      Policies & Charges to Remember

      Shopclues India has a set of policies that sellers must adhere to under all circumstances. Sellers also need to pay some charges to use the services offered by the E-commerce portal.

      Seller Charges

      One of the conditions to sell on the Shopclues login portal includes fees that registered merchants have to pay. The first one is selling service fees which are applicable when a product gets sold successfully. And the second one is the fulfilment service fee that Shopclues India charges when they take care of the packaging.

      Payment Policy

      One area of how to sell on Shopclues involves the payment policy followed by the merchant. Shopclues pays the seller every week. In a successful transaction, they pay the entire amount to the seller after deducting the tax, seller fees and fulfilment fees.

      Return Policy

      Selling on the Shopclues login portal has a distinct advantage for any business. They take care of the returns and refunds for any transaction related to the merchant. It allows sellers to focus on their core competency – bringing their products to the market.

      Sell in More than One Marketplace With Us

      The primary benefit of the seller login Shopclues portal is that it allows businesses to make use of an omnichannel marketplace. It helps sellers integrate customer orders from online and offline modes. It offers merchants a ready market base with millions of customers willing to buy their merchandise. It also deals in a wide variety of product categories, thus opening the market for many sellers. You can talk to us anytime to know more about Shopclues and their policies.

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