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Eunimart a new but major e commerce player in India, is poised for a giant leap, as a result of its association with Alchemist Accelerators.
Who is Alchemist Accelerator?
Alchemist Accelerator is a company that gives a much needed boost to start ups by connecting them to the world’s largest network of mentors and investors.
Within a 12 month period 52% of Alchemist companies are said to be able to raise their institutional capital.
Indeed it is a privilege and a matter of great advantage for a start up to be associated with Alchemist.
What does Alchemist Accelerator do?
They locate investors and exclusive opportunities for start-ups, connect them with organisations working in the required strategic verticals and can even acquire a seat for the company on a table that has peer backers.
They also help start-ups to connect to external founders, get access to exclusive events sponsored by partners of Alchemist, and support their portfolio companies through the Alchemist network.
Alchemist X helps to catalyse the corporate internal innovation of the start-up, expose their portfolio to the inner workings of Silicon Valley whether it is remotely or in person and much more.
As they themselves say, they accelerate the “….development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.” They also make available the “……seed investment and structured path to traction, customers and fundraising through a community that endures well beyond the six month program.”
Eunimart’s participation is therefore not just a temporary learning process but extends far beyond with Alchemist Accelerators extending their support to such companies as Eunimart who they recognize as worthy of their support..
Alchemist Accelerators focus on the following:
Companies that are in their early stage of growth and who are focussed on the Enterprise.
Exhibit sound technical knowledge and have the zeal to change the world.
What enabled Eunimart to be a part of this program?
Eunimart could bag a seat in this prestigious program because of the sound knowledge of its team, an aspiring and Go Getter attitude coupled with sheer hardwork and the determination to be the best in the industry.

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