Eunimart joins Google Surge Program

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Eunimart’s hard work has been rewarded time and again. This time it was the $100,000 cloud credit from the Google Surge Program. A well-deserved and much needed boost to this growing start up, the Google Surge Program has benefitted the company in many ways.
What does this entail?
It includes a $100,000 to its cloud platform for a year where in the company can host their applications on the Google server. This is especially designed for start-ups. In order to be eligible a start-up must be not more than five years old, and have less than $ 500,000 as its annual turnover.
This is part of Google’s vision to help developers use the same infrastructure platform as Google and help them to focus on code rather than on managing their infrastructure. Besides this there is the scope to avail 1:1 technical architecture reviews and 24/7 phone support.
So indeed this is a beneficial program for any start up and has helped Eunimart in its R&D work. With the end of the 12 month period Google in fact extended an extra three months credit to Eunimart, following which of course it becomes a part of the larger picture, having grown now exponentially thanks to such type of boosting in the form of cloud credits.
Fortunately the company has also received cloud credits from AWS (Amazon credits) as well as from BIZSPARK, (Microsoft) which unfortunately looks small in comparison to the $100,000 cloud credits. However every drop counts. It is said that Eunimart “provides a meta e-commerce pipeline (marketplace, payments, logistics and IT) to take sellers global.”
With the boom in cross border e commerce and the inability of small players to cross the many hurdles of international regulations, cultural differences, limited bandwidth, and more, Eunimart is able to leverage its knowhow and strategies to help them sell cross border. Its AI powered platform is today instrumental in helping many Indian sellers to see the light of the Global markets.
To aid its research and make the company more viable for domestic sellers to go international, the Google Surge program and its credit have helped immensely. So much so that Eunimart today is looking towards talking to Google to sell their product if possible.

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