Eunimart Joins the Google Surge Program 2019

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Eunimart wins a whopping $100.000 dollar cloud credit from Google Surge.

Winning a $100,000 cloud credit is no child’s play for a company, the size of Eunimart and which is in its adolescence so to speak.

Depending upon the needs and growth rate of a company, the program is available and the credit is applicable to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. Starting with $3000, the credit grows with different programs as the Spark and Surge.

Eunimart was honoured and privileged to get the highest credit from Google and to be extended a further period of three extra months validity at the end of the stipulated 12 months.

Eunimart provides complete e commerce solutions being an end to end Omni channel platform. It is easy to access, and affordable. In fact we can call it a one stop solution for sellers to manage their orders/logistics/listings/payments cross border and across multiple marketplaces

The Google Surge grant therefore was much deserved and needed, helping Eunimart to surge ahead with its R&D Program as research is the backbone of any company to develop.

Eunimart which is AI powered helps small merchants to foray into international markets. Algorithms help Indian sellers to explore markets that were hitherto unknown to them, and it helps Eunimart to be on the national and Global map as the start-up that helped small Indian sellers to take Indian brands into international markets boosting the tag of ‘Made in India’.

Google Surge thus aided Eunimat in this journey moving forward.

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