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It all started in May 2016 with Eunimart getting incorporated in Singapore, and setting up headquarters in Hyderabad (India) as a facilitator of B2C Cross Border Ecommerce. We enable sellers to come onboard our platform, leverage the experience of our managed services team, engage with the 16 marketplaces we are integrated with and sell across the globe. The intent was to set the stage and an AI enabled platform to provide end to end solutions and intelligence modules for merchants, SMEs and brands in India to achieve their global aspirations. That meant building an ecosystem to deliver our promise – an ecosystem of partners in Marketplaces, Logistics, Warehousing, Payments, Taxation, Cataloging services, Photography, Returns and Liquidation solutions to name a few.

Taking a step beyond, to expand globally and stay true to value proposition , Eunimart identified like minded passionate teams to partner with Internationally. In a short while itself we set up Eunimart Africa, Eunimart Indonesia and Eunimart China. Besides this we have strong integrations that also give us a solid foothold in the Middle East and Australia.

Eunimart Ecosystem

Eunimart Africa

Our partnership with Athman Ali and his company 1000 Alternatives ( Kenya ) Ltd in Kigali, Rwanda provides us with the perfect base to work with the extremely talented sellers in Africa bringing uniqueness and diversity in the product portfolio.

Besides looking at enabling African sellers and entrepreneurs sell globally, 1000 Alternatives is also actively involved in various social upliftment causes and activities in the field of healthcare and education.

Eunimart Indonesia

The partnership here is managed by Chandra Tjian and Ellen Bongso. Will eventually expand to encompass the entire South East Asia and the sellers cum services from that region. Chandra and his team come with a strong and commendable experience in cross border activity.

Eunimart China

Based out of Shenzhen and managed by an ecommerce veteran Nick Duan, former MD of Linio Asia, this partnership will help in seller acquisition, training, platform sales and content localization in China.

Besides these 3 partnerships in key locations, our partners Search in Mena in the Middle East and DistributAll in Australia add further muscle to our global expansion plans.

As things stand now – the image below shows our International marketplace integrations. That is the demand side, whereas our International partnerships and ecosystem building activities takes care of the supply side and fulfillment side of the business.

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