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All our Logistics solutions are Integrated, customer specific, individually designed and implemented to meet your precise requirements. Within the FCMG Industry, our logistics solutions provides both Integrated and innovative supply chain management services to meet cross border supply chain challenges. Our Logistics solutions enables the automation of logistics management and execution functions within an Integrated and collaborative environment. This results in achieving :

  • Improved service levels and traceability
  • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related cost
  • Optimal inventory levels

To meet the increasing demands of global sales, you need to source globally. Furthermore, the ever-expanding range of products, sizes, styles, weights, colours and other SKU variations, continually enlarges your inventory.

You need technology solutions through which you can reliably manage end to end from source to shelf, and control all other supply chain issues, freeing you to concentrate on their core activities.Read more…

The FMCG sector relies heavily on accurate and prompt market research, which is used to make effective marketing strategies. To compete in such an environment, you should leverage on business intelligence to be able to compete and win market share.

You need a business intelligence strategy to ensure your competitive edge. Our BI suite enables you to focus on predictive analysis to deliver robust products.To a large extent the challenges of expanding portfolio, ensuring regulation compliance, reporting requirements, and managing a multifaceted supply chain can be taken care of with Business Intelligence.
Our Business Intelligence suite will help you to increase top line revenue and save costs by:

  •  Predict the ROI for your marketing campaigns and suggest you the channels which would yield maximum results.
  •  Identify opportunities and markets/ categories.
  •  Refine your marketing and sales strategies.
  •  Compare your product behaviour with your competitors products. Read more…

Retailers who decline to use Point-Of-Sales systems will be left behind in a world of printed receipts, late night inventory checks, and calculators. Our POS systems empower you with the capability to bring your organization into the 21st century.

  •  Identify the offers those are affordable to your customers, but still profitable to you!
  •  Uniform Pricing or not! Choose what prices to display in each store for each item.
  •  Better Inventory Management. With PoS, you can manage your inventory Intelligently. Simply scan the barcode, enter the count, and specify the price. And, POS does the rest! It tracks your entire inventory, lets you know what is to be ordered, enables you to create purchase orders and keeps count of the on-hand inventory.
  •  Return Management: Easily retrieve customer product history, you can anytime check what a customer purchased, when he purchased and for how much. Read more…

It is not surprising that logistics and supply chain is one of the basic supportive pillar of omnichannel. According to a recent study, most giants in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry adopt omnichannel logistics to increase or maintain their competitiveness. Started by brick and mortar retailers, omnichannel logistics operations began as an initiative for retailers to improve integration between their stores and e-commerce channels.

Our omnichannel logistics operations comprise of an innovative supply chain that allows for global fulfillment, global delivery management, e-commerce development and is integrated with Inventory management system. The goal is that when a consumer buys online they can pick up at the store, have it delivered to their home, along with several other delivery and fulfillment options.

Eunimart enables consumers to select the most advantageous distribution channel in terms of proximity, convenience, price, products and information availability, delivery speed and channel transparency and accessibility. Read more…

Having an all encompassing Order Management System that is integrated across all your channels of sales is not an option, especially for the FMCG brands. It takes a lot of time and money to acquire customers. One of the core truths of ecommerce is that it takes 5 times more money to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Order management is possibly the most critical element of your customer facing actions. Eunimart helps you to ensure the highest standards when it comes to order management by integrating across all your channels, ensuring that orders are fulfilled fastest, in the most suitable manner.

Our OMS also helps you to ensure that documentation is complete, emails and communications to your customers are automated and compliances are adhered to. After all, a good customer experience is what differentiates a good FMCG brand from a great FMCG brand! Read more…

Structuring sourcing is a cornerstone of keeping manufacturing costs low. Hoever, vendor management goes way beyond simply sourcing management. The following are critical:

  •  Finding the cheapest and most reliable source for your raw materials or finished goods, as the case maybe. You will find several large B2B ecommerce marketplaces already integrated into the platform for your ease. Orders from these platforms are automatically integrated into our Warehouse Management System.
  •  You may also add your vendors from across the world directly, add their catalogs and create POs very easily
  •  Being able to manage all your sourcing workflows, create Good Received Note and connect your workflows end to end will empower your business to enter the 21st century with the power needed to scale across the world.
  •  Keep track of your vendors, payments and orders all in a single platform Read more…

FMCG brands experience rocket like growth if they manage to crack the code to entering a new market. The best and fastest way to capture any market is to have reliable and proven distributors.

FMCG brands face more problems than any other category (with the exception of pharma) when trying to expand their business to other countries. It starts with specific labelling, packaging requirements that every government mandates, continues with customs and clearance challenges. Getting the required licences to operate in a new market can be messy, time consuming and energy sapping.

Identify the top vendors and then work with them to solve these issues. However, well begun is only half done. Add your vendors to the Eunimart platform and get live update of your inventory, sales, costs and growth in each market. No need to coordinate everything over email or Excel sheets. The key to cracking the code is Ezi, its Eunimart. Read more… 

As your brand starts to grow globally, operations management, transparency and visibility will allow you to serve your customers better and keep them happy.

Eunimart’s Warehouse Management System is integrated end to end with all your operations and channels of sales. It allows you to build in Six Sigma levels of efficiency and provide your customers with the same levels of high performance every time.

  •  Connect your vendors and channels of sourcing to the Warehouse Management System to ensure that you never run out of stock. Place orders with a single click and track them from your vendor to your warehouse.
  •  Connect your channels of sales to the Warehouse Management System and automate rules for fulfillment. Integrate your inventory management system and ensure Out of Stock/ Cancellations are a thing of the past. 
  •  Manage all your hubs and warehouses from a single system.
  •  Integrate other Warehouse management system tools to get visibility over your distributors stock or your own warehouses.

Knowledge is power. Knowing who your competitors are and what they are doing is power. Knowing what are the top products in your category is power. Knowing what price to sell your product in each market or channel of sale leads to much higher conversions.

All this and much much more at Eunimart. Let Eunimart guide you on your way to global success. Contact our team to learn how you can optimise your business using Eunimart’s AI. Read more…

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