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Fashions and Textiles

We’ll take the inventory load off you

Stay a step ahead of the fashion cycles with our omnichannel platform that gives you all the tools you need to manage and forecast your inventory across marketplaces and retail outlets.

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Jewellery 2

Gems and jewellery

Have better control over margins

Get more margin per delivery when you’ll be able to control your variables like shipping cost, freight cost etc. Our go-to-market consultation service will help you get your pricing strategy, competition analysis etc. right on the dot, so you don’t have to worry about being new in the market.

Fashion Accessories

Improve efficiency while sourcing your products

Choose from a wide range of shipment and delivery partners while sourcing your product and shipping in any market. This can eventually have a significant impact on your margin.

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Excel at every marketplace

With Eunimart’s help, get your pricing strategy right by understanding what components take how much weightage in each market and find out what all you can do to reduce your costs. Also, unravel the competitor’s strategy and find out what their best practices are.


Manage all your orders seamlessly

Navigate through multiple challenging scenarios of the supply chain successfully with our order management system. Helps companies gather all the information they need about transactions, inventory management, and delivery status of multiple orders made from different channels on a single platform. Also, get to choose from a plethora of delivery partners to get the best deal on your buck.

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Medical Accessories

Create a catalogue in a jiffy

Automate your product listings across multiple marketplaces in one single template with the help of AI. Upload catalogues on all platforms at once witha uniform set of product attributes like price, quantity, image and description.

Grooming and cosmetics

Discover which look sells where

Everyone has their own way of looking good. With Eunimart’s insights, you can now go beyond the general perceptions of the market and localize your products. By having a better understanding of the market and which products have the highest demand, you will be able to upgrade your own catalogue to suit the design, ingredients and packaging as per the customer’s preference.

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Plastic Goods

Shape your offerings to fit customer needs

With the help of our technology, you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of what your customer in each market wants. This way you’ll be able to upgrade your catalogue, improve forecasting and plan for the right sourcing.

Automobile and Parts

Empower your business with a wide array of tools

Get more support than what you already have. Our expert team will help you with deciding which market is best suitable for your product, what quality norms and certifications you will have to apply for, and what shipment costs you will incur.

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Printing Machine

Machine Equipment

Manage all your orders from one platform

With one of a kind automation technology, you will be able to see how your different products and orders are performing across different markets and marketplaces.

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