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      Handicraft Exports from India: How to Start


      Indian artisans have a great demand in the global market, making it an export hub. People involved in this business are enjoying significant margins and revenue. If you want to know about becoming an export house in India, then these are the following steps that you need to follow.

      • Firstly you will need to incorporate the export business of an interested Indian handicraft company and get a company pan card.
      • Next, you need to begin exporting from India by registering yourself with the director-general of foreign trade and getting a unique ten-digit import-export code.
      • The government offers benefits for businesses such as these, and to avail of them, you must register yourself with relevant commodity boards and export promotion council.

      If you wish to begin exporting to the USA and other countries, the key documents must be submitted to the respective council. The list of documents includes:

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      • Company incorporation certificate
      • IEC code
      • Goods and service tax registration for tax purposes
      • Export Promotion Council for the handicrafts registration certificate
      • MSME registration to avail of benefits provided by the government
      • Bank account statements and other financial documents
      • Trademark registration is required to protect your brand identity
      • ID and address proof of the business owners
      • Proof of possession of the business premises

      Once you have all the documents, you can submit them, and then the prospective exporters of India will be on the lookout for promising buyers or handicrafts stores in the USA or other markets. Government agencies also help you find contacts of handicraft importers in the US to start selling in the USA from India seamlessly.

      To ensure that your packages are shipped safely, the Indian exporters also need to find a reliable shipping partner. To make sure that there is quick custom clearance and efficient delivery of your products from India to the USA, exporters can also take help from different customer housing agencies. You can begin a smooth journey as an exporter from India by following the steps.

      Export Handicrafts from India: How to get Orders

      Once you understand the steps involved in exporting handicraft items from India, the following steps become relatively easy. If you wish to get export orders for your handicraft items, then these are the methods that can be followed-

      • Send direct mails to interested buyers
      • You can also visit people personally and produce a sample of your products along with export prices, schedule, et cetera
      • You can put out advertisements in business magazines
      • Also, please get orders through buying agents located in India
      • Participate in trade fairs as it is an effective method to reach out to prospective buyers
      • You can also go for online promotion by listing your products in a vital trade portal

      Which Indian Handicraft is Most in-Demand in the International Market

      Indian handicraft has a tremendous international market and is always in demand. These are some of the most popular items in demand globally.

      • Furniture and homeware
      • Indian home decoratives
      • Imitation jewelry
      • Precious gems and jewelry
      • Handmade saris
      • Home textiles and more 

      Export Handicrafts from India: Top Destination to Export

      Handicrafts from India are exported worldwide, but specific destinations deserve special attention. Some of the most important destinations are – 

      • The USA is one of the most important destinations. Handicraft items like the rewards, imitation jewelry, embroidery goods, hand-printed textiles, and shows or some of the most important items that are exported
      • The UK is another important client and consumes some of the most important handicrafts like crocheted items, imitation jewelry, art wares, handmade handicrafts, wood wares, etc.
      • Germany is also an important destination, and put it the famous for its purchases of imitation jewelry, earth metals, hand-printed textiles, and embroidery items.

      Export Handicrafts from India: Major Buyers of Indian Handicrafts 

      When it comes to handicrafts, India has a beautiful market, and there are plenty of countries all over the world that like acquiring products from our country. Amongst them buyers of Indian handicraft items our-

      • The UK is one of the most important buyers of our Indian handicrafts, interested in items like handmade handicraft imitation jewelry and more.
      • The USA is also one of the major buyers and the source items like Zari woods, imitation jewelry, shawls, and more.
      • Germany is another important market and a buyer of Indian handicrafts, and they mostly purchase items like embroidery, art metals, and hand-printed textiles.

      Export Handicrafts to India: Top State Manufacturers

      There are so many places in India that make one of the best handicraft items. These are extremely popular and exported worldwide because of their unique beauty. Some of the most popular state manufacturers are –

      • Jodhpur Rajasthan is one of the most famous spots for handicraft items, and they are known for wooden, wrought iron items.
      • Narsapur Andhra Pradesh is known for leather and lace goods.
      • Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is known for its imitation jewelry and art metal wares.
      • Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is known for its wrought-iron handicrafts and wooden items.
      • Thrissur in Kerala is known for the stone art, ivory, and precious stone.

      Summing it All Up

      If you want to get started in the export business, it could be a great decision because it is a beautiful industry. The process can also feel quite overwhelming, but you will be able to start this quite quickly with all the details in your hand.

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