How Eunimart helped AstaBerry expand Crossborder

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ASTABERRY Biosciences (I) Pvt Ltd. is a venture from the house of BHIMSAINI, pioneer in the Kajal Industry & a leading manufacturer & marketer of Natural Ayurvedic Skincare, Healthcare & Eye care products since 1950 catering to Indian as well as International Markets. Our products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda, the age old Indian science based on active natural ingredients, blended with modern formulation & individual fragrances. Our aim is to provide best-quality organic cosmetics products to our customer at most affordable prices.


Astaberry is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of herbal/natural cosmetics and body care products in India. We use natural ingredients sourced from our own farms in the Himalayas to produce our line of herbal cosmetics. We employ strict production and operational quality procedures which guarantee that only the best biological extracts, herbs, fruits and natural oil form a part of the final herbal offerings.

All the products are crafted from health and welfare guidelines prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts hundreds of years ago. Our ingredients include timeless natural healing prescriptions such as Aloe Vera, Rose, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Winter Cheery, Saffron and many more. Each component delivers its nutrients and healing properties to make our formulations extremely effective in treating the skin.


Health and beauty is one of the most challenging categories to sell in. And many items are liquids, creams, gels and contain organic ingredients. Some can leak, or may have delicate packaging that is easy to damage or scuff. And not all health and beauty products can be handled the same way, even if they are the same shape and size.

Shipping internationally can present a number of different challenges compared with shipping domestically. Each carrier and country has their own regulations for the shipping of certain substances, and some health and beauty products can be classified as hazardous materials – particularly those which contain alcohol or solvents. Shipping by air is considerably more restrictive than shipping by sea freight.


For new sellers in the e-commerce retail business, it is very much essential to choose an appropriate, experienced, reputed and reliable delivery channel so that the reputation of the brand is maintained.

With the help of Eunimart Logistic Providers we got to know if there are any specific requirements for a product, what the process is for health and beauty category items and if they need anything in specific for an item. Not only this but they also offer a seamless return and exchange solutions through their business model, which is the backbone of any e-commerce platform.


With the help of their logistic service providers all I need to do is just pack the product and keep it ready. The product is then picked up by the logistics executive and delivered to the customer in the stated timeline.

“I have been able to manage my online business from virtually anywhere. We now do retail exports to almost 39 different countries.”

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