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      How to increase e-commerce sales on Flipkart?


      If you have been spending your time on Flipkart wondering how to increase sales, this is the right place. There are plenty of ways by which you can increase your e-commerce sales and get excellent results for your business.

      Flipkart is one of the best e-commerce marketplaces in India that snowballed and has expanded over time. With its customer base growing increasingly, it’s an excellent opportunity for e-commerce sellers to grow on Flipkart.

      In this article, you will learn how to observe significant growth in the sales and popularity of your online e-commerce business by learning how to increase your sales on Flipkart seamlessly. You can apply the strategies for your Flipkart store and see how you can boost your sales.

      Become a Flipkart advantage Seller

      Becoming a Flipkart advantage seller has many advantages. With the service, you will be able to avail the best in class fulfillment centers. In this facility, you would need to store the products with Flipkart, and they will take care of the rest. Starting from packing your products to handling the return request, everything will be taken care of by Flipkart themselves. The Flipkart advantage offers more storage, quality checks on your products, faster delivery, and more benefits. You will get maximum sales, minimum returns, and a fantastic buyer experience.

      Advertise about your product listing

      If you want more sales, you would need to get more traffic towards your products. To do this, you can use the product listing ads. The process is pretty simple.

      • Firstly you need to choose a specific product and then create an ad campaign for it
      • Flipkart will then show these products as featured products on its website
      • A buyer will see these ads while browsing through products on the website and eventually click on your product

      Be a part of spike sales

      Spike sale is an excellent opportunity for sellers to grow their businesses. Flipkart offers exciting discounts during the spike in sales on most of its categories. In turn, this attracts the maximum number of buyers and gets enormous traffic on the site. With minimal effort, you can get a hike in your sales, which also helps get higher buyer satisfaction. You can become a seller that most buyers would prefer buying from. TV commercials to promotions, everything is done during the sale to get a large number of buyers for your products.

      Pack your product is well with durable packaging

      It is known that buyers tend to repeat purchases from sellers who have good packaging. Good packaging reduces the chances of in-transit damages. Still, most importantly, it shows the quality of service on your part. A buyer will then trust you more and would repeat purchases from such sellers who provide premium packaging. Investing in good packaging will get you a game of 30% more sales.

      Have a Well-crafted Catalog

      A proper catalog will represent your product on the e-commerce website and significantly influence buyers. Having an adequate catalog with a crisp description of all your products will help you get more sales. 

      Here are some things that you must consider –

      • H3 Product title – Make sure that the title has all the essential keywords related to your products.
      • H3 product description – You must add good product descriptions that include the features, weight, materials, size of your products
      • H3 Images – It’s advisable to use high-resolution images with 300 DPI or higher. You can also use white or light grey backgrounds for your products and get multiple images from various angles

      Adhere to the selling policies

      Flipkart has strict selling policies that have been designed to increase customers’ trust. It also helps the sellers get better ratings and reviews. It is a known fact that customers can trust sellers who have good ratings and reviews. It is advisable not to indulge in illegal or unethical business practices like selling fake products, shipping empty boxes, or filling them with the wrong products. If you can abide by the rules, you will get more loyal customers, which will help you get repeated sales.

      Ensure on-time inventory replacement

      Inventory is an essential part of any e-commerce business. You must keep sufficient stock of your products and items to fulfill the orders faster and do better business. Stocking up on your product will also help you stay ready for any unique shopping festival or season.

      Ensure on-time deliveries 

      If you want to get more sales, then you must be able to meet your buyer’s expectations. You must sell quality products, but you must also consider the time taken to deliver them to your buyers. Always keep your products ready for delivery and then mark them RTD (Ready to Dispatch). This will help the logistic partners of Flipkart to deliver the products in the quickest time. It is also essential to fulfill a return or an exchange request to get good customer reviews.

      Keep up your seller account performance score

      Flipkart has a seller account performance, and as a seller, you must try to improve the performance metrics. The performance matrix is divided into three main parts prime release-gold, silver, and bronze. Based on these three categories, sellers are then awarded. Flipkart measures the performance on four essential criteria: sales, average product ratings, service quality, and regional utilization. If you have a great cause, you can become a Flipkart gold silver, which will help you boost your sales.

      Generate external traffic through social media marketing

      You can create a strong online presence in social media channels to drive more traffic to your products. This will help you increase your product ranking on Flipkart as well. You can use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and other platforms to get your brand recognition. Other than that, you can also use email marketing SMS marketing to get external traffic.

      Provide discounts and offers

      Providing discounts on your product is a great way to get more visibility and sales. You can offer discounts in 40%, 50%, or more categories. You can also have only provided discount coupons to make it more popular and more prominent on Flipkart, especially during the festive seasons.

      All in All

      Flipkart is a great platform to boost your e-commerce business. They have already offered different ways to increase your sales and get more advantages from their platform. Using these proper techniques and strategies will help you get more deals and make your e-commerce business successful. Flipkart is growing as a platform day by day, and this is the right time to use that for your benefit and become a successful business owner.


      1. What is the Flipkart growth index?

      Ans: Growth index is a parameter created by Flipkart which compares your performance to other sellers within the same time period. This allows Flipkart to identify and reward the fastest growing sellers.

      1. How can I sell my product on Flipkart without GST?

      Ans: No, you can’t sell products without GST on Flipkart. You can sell online without GST only if you sell products which are exempted. You need to have GSTIN even if your turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh there is no such threshold as stated on some other websites.

      1. Can you sell on Flipkart without a trademark?

      Ans: No, it is not mandatory to have your trademark registered to sell on Amazon/Flipkart, but it is advised to get a trademark to avoid brand hijack. Due to the pandemic situation online sales grew exponentially to a large number.

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