Global Marketplace is the new trending scope for sellers in the domestic marketplaces, though the domestic marketplace is massive, it probably is not self-sustaining within the perspective of sellers in the domestic marketplace. Thus, entering the global marketplace offers them the opportunity to grow and increase scale and sales.

Selling your products internationally improves sales, gives exposure to foreign investment opportunities, improves business reputation, gives opportunities for selling internationally and eventually the scale of business.

The fact of the matter is that only a few could make it to the top marketplaces to sell their products. According to the stats, only 5% of the online business owners could actually get to the international selling sites to sell their products.

Other successful business owners, who tasted success in the local or national market, may also face failure when going global.

And the factors that lag them behind are the choices they make in choosing the best products to sell internationally, in choosing the internationally selling sites and implementation of the strategies while selling the products on the top international selling sites.

The domestic market vendors who are looking up to the opportunities for selling internationally and to expand to the best international marketplaces might have questions like "How to sell internationally online from India?", or "How to sell online in USA from India?" for which the answer's context is obvious and clear that the e-commerce site requires the matching comprehensive quality of the international market to turn into the best international e-commerce website.

There are a few facets that need to be taken into consideration which encompasses the whole gamut of top selling sites or selling products internationally.

Here is a way to learn "how to sell internationally online from India" or "how to sell online in USA from India" and reach the top marketplaces to sell products online.

Know how to get started?

So, here is the outlay of the first step you need to take to know how to sell internationally online from India or how to sell online in USA from India?

  • # Step 1 - Market Research

    Firstly, it is very important to do a little market research to know if there is a need for the product you are selling in the market.

    Make complete research of the product on several online markets, and social media. This makes you realize if your product is worth selling or not.

    Also, note that to how to sell stuff online, you must first know about the trending products to sell, or say, popular products to sell.

    Find the list of websites to sell products or the internationally selling sites and figure out the trending products to sell on the international e-commerce websites.

  • # Step 2 - Select the top international selling sites

    You can’t really become a global leader at one go. So, take small bites and make it big slowly.

    Select the best international marketplaces online from the list of selling sites where you find the right kind of demand for your product.

    Find the Top Global Marketplaces across the World

    So, here is the list of some of the top global marketplaces across the world, or say some of the top selling sites:

    • Amazon

      Who doesn’t know this huge user base online shopping platform that allows third-party sellers to sell their products overseas?

      It is tapping the market for ethnic apparel, shoes, handicraft items etc., for the UK and US customers, and is especially targeting the Indians who stay abroad as a viable target market.

    • Etsy

      This site for handmade lovers also has Indian sellers on the list.

      Though the Indian handcrafted products are a hit on this e-commerce platform, it does not provide shipping services to its Indian sellers, so all the shipping and logistics responsibilities have to be managed by the sellers on their own.

    • eBay

      eBay also provides its third-party sellers to sell their products overseas.

      In fact, selling internationally with this global marketplace is quite easy as the company provides the sellers with all the important tips and tools that enable them to do so.

    • Bonanza

      This U.S based e-commerce website is a much of seller-centric website to sell products. It has also received the title of the “Most Recommended Marketplace” in the year 2016.

      This international e-commerce website remains the most preferred platform for sellers across the world.

    • CDiscount

      In terms of annual turnover, this platform is positioned as top French marketplaces and is one of the most favored platforms for the seller to sell products online. It was accounted for the highest sales worth €2.7 Billion.

    • Lazada

      It is considerably the Flipkart of South East Asia with its reach to 6 Asian countries. It offers the sellers a solution with direct access to 550 million customers through just one retail channel and caters extensive offerings.

      These were some of the best sites!!

      The list of selling sites is never ending!!

      You can find a lot of other international selling sites or international e-commerce websites too online, among which, some of them enable their sellers to sell items online for free on their e-commerce sites.

  • # Step 3 – Understand and realize the facets of International Market

    Before you associate with the international market, it is important to know and understand the rules and regulations of the international market you chose. Be aware of the custom rules for shipping and sale.

    This allows you to analyze if you are completely compatible with the market or not. And, also to find the loopholes to be solved.

Adapting to the facets of International markets

    • Acclimatizing to the market you chose is necessary

      Language is a critical barrier you face when selling stuff online. Is your website to sell products set-up well enough to deal with a customer query or a complaint in a different language? If not, you can hire someone else to do that for you. Though the language differences are so subtler, they can make a world of difference in the search results. Regional differences are also a challenge.

      The product you sell may be quite relating to one region and not to the other regions. So, make sure you complete homework before you go global.

    • Keep your international business operations clear and simplified

      When you sell products online, it is important to weigh all the aspects relating to it like payment, shipment, accounting, dealing with returns and others. The approach for the domestic customers varies widely from those of international customers.

      Some of the e-commerce sites offer you the remote inventory management that packs, dispatches, and delivers the goods for you, for free.

    • Keep it safe and legal

      Regardless of where you are based, it is necessary to follow the law. Keep your business compliant from the outset.

      For instance, labeling of the products is a basic legal requirement for every category and if the product is a food item then the packaging must be labeled along with the nutritional information on it.

      Though different countries vary in the specifics, the label with the information is necessary.

    And if your products belong to the restricted category by postal services like volatile liquids or certain plant products, then make sure whether the international trade for your product is feasible or not, beforehand.

    • Get the paperwork done

      The international market makes inevitable taxation more complicated, and other additional customs and duties are incurred for which it is essential to maintain a detailed record of everything.

      Validate your country’s regulations on retaining the business records, know if the digital invoices and receipts are acceptable?

      And if they are, realize if you are confident in digitally archiving your material for the amount of time needed?

    • Keep your customers lured in

      The customers are another “Make or Break” factor of your business, and it is important to make things as easy as possible for them. Try describing your item as accurately as possible and portray the product honestly, also answer the customer’s queries promptly.

      Remember, if the customer’s queries and complaints aren’t taken seriously, then your reputation may take a hit too.

Summing up

Concluding it by briefing up the whole context of how to sell online internationally,

  • ‐ Firstly, knowing how to sell online, learn a way to sell products internationally.
  • ‐ Find popular products to sell, most importantly the best products to sell internationally.
  • ‐ Figure out where to sell items; the best sites that allow you to sell items online for free.
  • ‐ Choose the best international marketplaces online, in order to make the most of the opportunities for selling internationally.
  • ‐ And, finally learn to adapt to the international market to sustain, grow, scale and increase.

Selling products internationally will introduce more new customers to your e-commerce site, and above all increases the revenue generating opportunities.

Success can be achieved in the global market with the right approach of selling the products on the best sites.