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      How to Sell on Meesho


      What is Meesho

      Meesho is an e-commerce marketplace created by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in 2015. It operates mainly in the direct selling marketplace. Meesho sellers hold inventory and have total control over profit margins. They also take care of things like discounts, supplies and delivery to the customer. It allows individuals and small businesses to resell on this platform through social media channels. Meesho has also received investments from the likes of social media giant Facebook. It currently operates with more than one crore resellers on its online marketplace.

      How can Suppliers Sell on Meesho

      A Meesho Supplier needs their GSTIN number and Bank account details to register and sell on the platform.

      Register Your Business

      A Meesho seller has to submit details like name, email ID, contact number, GSTIN Number, PAN Card, Bank account details and business location. There will be a follow-up on background verification for the website. Once the verification is complete, the company activates the Meesho supplier login portal. This will allow sellers to have their Meesho supplier panel to list their products.

      List Your Products

      After the Meesho supplier registration formalities are done, the next step is to list products on the site. The Meesho supplier panel has a catalogue for this purpose. Suppliers should upload multiple products on their catalogue to get more traction and orders. They can choose products that offer competitive profit margins and also are popular among consumers.

      Get Orders

      Meesho suppliers can do several things to attract customers to view and purchase their products. Firstly, they can list more catalogues to get orders in the Meesho supplier zone. They can also use the price recommendation tool to set competitive prices for their merchandise. Focussing on the current trends will help them get traction among users. Finally, they can opt for Next Day Dispatch (NDD) to positively influence the purchasing decision.

      Deliver Your Products

      Post receiving orders for a product, Meesho notifies suppliers through email and alerts on their Supplier Panel. They also handle the entire delivery process at no cost to the seller. On their part, a supplier should accept the order and download the label and manifest for it. Then they should pack the product and label it accordingly before handing it over to the logistics team for delivery.

      Recieve Payments

      The payment for sales made by a Meesho supplier gets deposited in their bank account. The deposit is made on the 15th day from delivery of their customer’s order. It includes orders where the mode of payment was Cash on Delivery. The Meesho supplier panel provides details of the current deposited balance for their business. It also gives details of future charges for orders already delivered to a customer.

      Benefits of Selling on Meesho

      This E-commerce platform provides a brand identity for the seller with the flexibility to decide their profit margins.

      Secure Payments

      Meesho gives the option for both online payments and Cash on Delivery. The payment gateways used for sending the amounts are also very secure. The Meesho supplier support team is always available in case of queries/concerns related to payments.

      Easy to Use

      Meesho has the advantage of using social media for its business. Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram can help a seller reach out to sizeable audiences. Meesho handles the entire selling process from sales and promotion to delivery of the product.

      Quality Checks on Products

      Meesho has a rigorous quality checking procedure for all its products. They work hard to ensure that the goods sent to a customer are not damaged or defective in any manner. Quality control helps to build trust among users and also provides repeat purchases in the future.

      Hassle-Free Delivery

      Meesho handles the delivery process for all products sold on its platform. The seller has to take care of product packaging at their end. Meesho’s vendors pick the items from the seller’s place and deliver them to the end customer.  

      Huge Customer Base

      Meesho lets sellers optimize their social networks to generate business. There is tremendous scope for resellers to engage with their friends and family to pitch their products. Since one trusts their near and dear ones more than a total stranger, the chances of making a sale increases.

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