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      How to Sell on UAE | Reasons to Start Today


      The UAE has a lot to offer to everyone in the world. Selling on this platform can be an exciting experience for an online seller. The above classifieds sites will provide you with all the users you need and make sure you reach your target market effectively.

      eCommerce is the fastest-growing retail market globally, with the UAE being at the forefront of this growth. In recent years, the UAE has become one of the most attractive places for doing business. Retailers can now sell online in the UAE by using e-commerce solutions and services.

      What to export from India to Dubai?

      Fashion products are the best things to export from India to Dubai. India has an exceptional place in the world for its fashion industry. The Indian textile industry is considered one of the oldest in the world. Today, people from all over the world want to wear Indian clothes.

      Dubai is a market where you can expect massive demand for Indian fashion goods, and you can get good profits from here.

      Tobacco products are widely used in the UAE as well. E-cigarettes or vaping is also legal in Dubai and the UAE. You can import tobacco products to Dubai if you have a license from the Dubai Municipality.

      Why sell on Amazon UAE

      Amazon UAE is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the region. Selling on Amazon UAE is one of the best ways to reach out to thousands of online shoppers in the Middle East.

      For merchants looking to expand their sales and customer base, selling their products online on Amazon UAE is necessary. With just over 1 million visitors per month, the marketplace has become a significant destination for online shoppers in the Middle East.

      Register with Amazon Global Selling

      Amazon Global Selling is an international selling program for entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in reaching millions of customers worldwide.

      Amazon Global Selling offers both individual sellers and professional sellers from over 180 countries the opportunity to sell on Amazon’s marketplaces worldwide.

      Register with Amazon Global Selling and expand your business to Amazon’s retail websites in Canada and Mexico and those in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

      List your Product

      If you are already registered with, log in to your seller account and choose ‘Sell Globally’ as an option under the ‘Your Account’ menu on the top right-hand corner of the page.

      Add details about your business and select the countries you wish to ship your products to.

      Add product details like titles, bullets, images, and pricing by uploading them in bulk via flat file or manually via Seller Central interface.

      Once your products have been approved, they will be visible to all customers.

      You will receive orders through email and can view them in Seller Central. You can fulfill these orders directly or through Amazon Fulfillment Services (FBA).

      Configure Shipment and Delivery Processes

      Amazon Global Selling offers fast and convenient delivery options for international orders. Suppose you have a product in their fulfillment centers. In that case, they’ll automatically assign the correct shipping method to each order based on the customer’s shipping address.

      To ship your product, you need to select the fulfillment method from the settings of each product. In case you use FBA, it is done automatically. Amazon packs the product and ships it on your behalf when the product is sold.

      Pricing and Payment

      It’s recommended that you price your items competitively when you begin selling in a new marketplace. It would be best if you also revisited pricing decisions frequently to stay competitive. This task is more manageable with automatic repricing tools available through third-party solutions providers and Amazon’s Product Pricing API (in beta).

      Amazon also offers unique pricing options to help you get started if you are new to selling internationally or an existing seller looking to expand into a new region.

      Customs and Regulations for exporting Products to UAE

      UAE offers the best of both worlds to those who wish to do business from here. On the one hand, it is a cosmopolitan city with modern infrastructure, facilities, and amenities. On the other, it is a place where its people still value their traditions.

      Business in Dubai has come a long way since the days of barter systems and trade by sea. Although trading with neighboring countries continues to be an essential part of the economy, today, Dubai has risen as a global player in shipping, commerce, and travel. It is home to one of the largest ports in the world and has become one of the main air travel hubs between east and west.

      Goods entering or leaving the UAE are subject to customs duties as per UAE Federal Customs Authority (FCA) Law No.3 of 2003. The FCA also governs handling procedures at all ports in the country.

      Customs duties vary according to the type of goods being imported/exported; however, most have rates ranging from zero percent up to five percent depending on whether they are raw materials or finished products. Some luxury items such as tobacco, alcohol, and some jewelry are subject to higher duty rates.

      Prohibited or Restricted Imports

      The UAE has several restrictions and prohibitions on what it allows imports into the country. The following is a list of items that are prohibited or restricted for import into the UAE:

      • Weapons, ammunition, or explosives
      • Dangerous chemicals and toxic waste.
      • Pornographic materials, publications, and films.
      • Medicines (including herbal) not licensed by the UAE Ministry of Health.
      • All forms of Narcotics, including Hashish and Cannabis.
      • Alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic content exceeding 30 percent volume.
      • Gambling machines and devices.
      • Materials relating to religions other than Islam (such as Bibles).

      Let Eunimart do the Heavy Lifting

      Eunimart provides a platform for importers and exporters to connect with their global customers. They offer an end-to-end solution from sourcing of products, procurement, and logistics support needed to import and export products. Eunimart provides a secure and robust platform to ensure that buyers and sellers have a seamless experience in cross-border trade.

      Most people who want to start importing into the UAE run into difficulties because they lack information about how to go about it. Eunimart is here to help!


      1. Do I need a licence to sell online in the UAE?

      Ans: In the UAE, residents are required to have a trade licence in order to carry out any commercial activities online.

      1. Is online trading legal in the UAE?

      Ans: Online trading in UAE is regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is additionally accountable to the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The UAE government is adopting laws and tax structures to make UAE and Dubai more attractive for online trading, investing and cryptocurrency companies.

      1. What does UAE import the most?

      Ans: The top imports of United Arab Emirates are Gold ($31.8B), Broadcasting Equipment ($15.7B), Jewellery ($15.2B), Refined Petroleum ($15B), and Diamonds ($9.56B), importing mostly from China ($35.5B), India ($28.6B), United States ($17.1B), Germany ($9.72B), and United Kingdom ($9.52B).

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