How to sell successfully on Wish marketplace internationally

How to sell on wish marketplace
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To start with, the power and popularity of Wish marketplace can be understood from the fact that it is the most downloaded shopping app in the USA. It is more popular than other ecommerce giants. Wish can give other marketplaces a run for their money because here you have premium products being sold at affordable rates. Who doesn’t want a bargain? The Wish app has 300 million-plus users worldwide and more than a million happy sellers. Wish is the largest advertiser on Facebook alone. There are more than 200 million items listed on this fabulous website and still growing. There are Venture Capitalists behind it, supporting its growth.

That, I think, gives you reason enough to believe that you can sell successfully on Wish marketplace internationally. That’s where you need to be, in the virgin territory of a kind with few Indian merchants and a large consumer base that stretches from Australia to the USA.

Wish is a mobile app that helps merchants to sell directly to customers. It is said that 94% of the merchants selling on the Wish marketplace are from China.

According to “ US-based sellers makeup 4%, followed by the UK at 0.3%, Canada at 0.2%, India at 0.1%, and Australia at 0.1%. The rest is spread all over the world.”

The Wish marketplace can be called a platform where the buyer meets the seller directly. Products found on Wish are small in size and affordable. It does not allow you to sell services and does take note of the banned items by visiting their website. Wish marketplace does not stock the products itself; it is only an intermediary that handles payments. It is the third-largest eCommerce marketplace in the US today in terms of sales.

Our mission here is to identify how we can sell successfully on Wish marketplace internationally.

Wish uses browsing technologies that make shopping fun by giving each shopper a personal visual experience. This adds to its popularity.

How can you sell successfully on Wish Marketplace internationally?

Follow the steps given below in order to start

  • Visit the Merchant Account Registration Page
  • Enter a unique store name.
  • Register your email id and choose your country.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ button to create your store.
  • Verify your email
  • Add more information where required.
  • Upload your products.
  • Assign them to relevant categories.
  • Enter the necessary payment information and select the gateway you need.
  • Click on “I Accept” for Terms and Conditions

Once your information is approved and updated, your store will go live to millions of consumers across the globe.

Before you go to the actual process of registering you must decide on what to sell.

The following are popular items being sold on the Wish marketplace:

  • Gadgets
  • Watches
  • Fashion
  • Baby stuff
  • Kids items
  • Tops
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • Home Décor
  • Phone Upgrades
  • Accessories as sunglasses, Bags and Wallets, among other things.

Benefits of Selling on Wish Marketplace

  • It is indeed a lucrative business. There are no fees or charges imposed on sellers and Wish earns once you sell. So Wish earns when you earn.
  • The outreach is wide as there is a massive database of mobile shoppers.
  • The mobile app is available for the seller to use also making things convenient. Thus, the ease of doing business on Wish is high.
  • “Product Targeting Functionality” is also something that the sellers can make use of when selling on Wish.

Tips to boost your sales:

To market your products in order to sell successfully on Wish, you should

  • Use advertising tools such as ProductBoost. It is a paid option that you can use to run campaigns of multiple products
  • Add appropriate information to your products so that they get adequate exposure and stand out.
  • Wish has a Trusted Store Program for sellers who deliver on time with good quality products. If you can be one amongst them, you get a ‘Verified by Wish’ badge and it boosts your sales. Most of this depends on good customer feedback.
  • Open a specialist online seller account in order for your business to be cost-effective.


  • Can we sell refurbished items on Wish?

Wish allows only brand new items to be listed on its marketplace.

  • Does Wish allow expensive products to be sold?

Wish allows only premium quality products at affordable prices. That’s the speciality of Wish.

  • Who can sell on Wish?

Only an authorized seller is allowed to sell a brand. Authentication in terms of trademark and license are essential for selling on Wish.

  • What does a seller have to pay in order to sell on Wish?

Wish charges sellers once they have done a transaction. There are absolutely no registration fees, or product listing fees. There is only a sales commission calculated on the basis of a combination of the order and the shipping rates incurred.


As with selling in any marketplace, when you sell on Wish marketplace internationally, you need to do your market study properly.

  • Choose a product that people need and something which is in demand but not easily available would be a good choice. Price the product attractively as Wish is where shoppers come for cheaper ranges.
  • Have a strong and strategic plan in order to improve your chances of success. Attract buyers with visual listings.
  • Wish sells to over 80 countries and it will be good to remember the variety of people it services. Research affordable shipping rates because the consumer comes for a bargain and will not like high shipping rates. Consider the option of using a Dropshipping service as well.
  • A good way to ship is to opt for Fulfillment by Wish. Under this program, you can stock your inventory with them in their warehouses in Europe and the USA. This involves lower shipping costs but has fees attached to it.
  • Though under normal circumstances shipping takes 2-3 weeks, the Express shipping offered by Wish ensures fast delivery in 5 to 8 days.

There are a few disadvantages also of selling on Wish

  • Payments are slow and the commission by Paypal for example or conversion rates might eat into your profits.
  • The Help Centre for sellers is not that friendly. Sometimes finding information is tedious.
  • There is also the possibility of getting lost amongst the 100,000 merchants and it can be hard to stand out and get noticed.
However, the benefits of selling on the Wish marketplace far outnumber the disadvantages. Eunimart, the leading AI-powered ecommerce enabler helps you to automate your business processes entirely allowing you to focus on your sales. So gear up and be a successful seller on the Wish marketplace internationally. With Eunimart by your side, you can rest assured your Wish will come true!

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