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      How To Sell Your Art On Amazon


      If you are an artist trying to sell your art, Amazon can be an excellent platform to sell your art and become famous. We had left those days far behind when an artist had to make arrangements for an exhibition to sell his artworks. Amazon can be the best place for artists to start selling their artwork.

      Things That Can Be Sold On Amazon Under The Art Category

      The online market has proved to be an excellent way to help artists and curators sell unique art pieces worldwide. Things that people can sell online under that category are –

      • Paintings
      • Sculptures
      • Tribal/local art

      Things That Can Be Sold On Amazon Under The Collectibles And Fine Arts Category

      Sellers must get approval from the business team before listing their artwork under the fine art category. The types of paintings that can be listed in the Amazon fine art store are –

      1. One of a kind paintings, drawings, watercolors, and two-dimensional mixed media
      2. A print a photograph that is limited edition that meets the following requirements –
      • It should be an addition of 200 or less.
      • The Prince must be numbered (X/XX) and must be signed or accompanied by an authenticity certificate that the artist signs.
      • Colour test proofs or artist groups or allowed for additions that are less than 200
      1. Sellers must authenticate secondary sales works, and they should have proof of purchase to provide to the buyer.

      Keys To Selling Your Paintings On Amazon Art

      Amazon is a great place for sellers to sell their artworks by placing them under specific categories. You can sell original paintings, watercolors, and secondary sale work on Amazon by registering yourself as a seller.

      Start Curating Out

      If you are interested in art but are not creative, you can choose to become an art curator. Many artists collaborate with business partners to sell their work, and you could help such artists. You can strike a merchandising deal with an artist and become exclusive distributors of their artwork. This can lead to a win-win situation for both parties. As an art curator, you can also sell limited edition pieces, but you must scout for them. You could also be looking for a fantastic artist whose artwork can be sold online.

      Promote Your Talent

      Social media can be a wonderful place that can work in your favor if you are an artist looking for some exposure. These platforms can be used for your work and get recognized for it. You can link your social media accounts to the site from where viewers can buy your paintings or artworks from. In this way, you would be able to market your art and also be able to reach out to your ideal audience.

      Choose If You Want To Sell Original Copies Of The Art

      People are much more aware of good art because of the ongoing awareness. While many people might prefer original art that is essentially a complete copy, many others would choose canvas prints. Regardless of the case, you must study your audience and cater to their needs accordingly. If you are an artist who does not want to commercialize their art, you should try to create one piece at a time and then sell those batch-wise. If you are not interested in that option, you can also get in touch with dealers who would help you get mass print from the original prototype you provided them.

      Collaborate With Amazon

      Over the past few years, Amazon has become an important platform where you can buy and sell almost everything. Given its global reach, it has a fantastic consumers base that has benefited millions of customers in finding their business path and achieving online success. If you are an artist or a curator of art, you can use Amazon to build a business in this online market. Artists will only require to produce good work, while Amazon will take the responsibility to pick up packs and deliver these to customers around the country. You need to register on the platform to become a seller and sell your art online.

      The Pre-approval Process Of Selling Art Online On Amazon 

      There is a simple pre-approval process for selling online on Amazon art. You would require registering yourself and providing a clear and concise listing to help enhance the discoverability of artworks. For more information on this, you can visit the general cellular requirements under the fine art page on Amazon.

      Some Other Online Marketplaces Where You Can Sell Your Paintings

      Although Amazon is considered a great platform to sell your online paintings, other platforms can also be used.

      • Since its inception, Etsy has been a famous online marketplace for handcrafted items. It can be an excellent platform for selling paintings.
      • eBay – eBay is a trusted online platform that has provided a lot of support to sellers and can be an excellent platform for selling paintings.
      • Red bubble – Red bubble is a print-on-demand service that has allowed many artists to quickly sell their online work like art or paintings.

      It has become relatively easy for talented artists to sell their work online because of the available resources. You do not need an excellent exhibition to sell your work; instead, you can choose an online marketplace like Amazon to showcase your talent and find customers willing to buy your artwork.

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