Our culture is a product of real values followed by, and enshrined in, every employee every day

Our values


Be like water

With every drop, water quenches someone’s thirst. Just like that, every action can help someone in need. Water never hides anything and that’s how transparent dealing with everyone should be. Also, water always manages to find a way through every obstacle. That’s how innovative we want to be.


Be like a satellite

Just like a satellite, we have a macro vision and strive to perfect every detail. Focussing on giving satisfaction to every user is what eventually brings success, and yes, we are fanatical about it.


Be like a duck

A duck is calm on the surface, but beneath the surface, it’s constantly and ferociously paddling. Remaining calm in all situations and working hard is what makes all the difference.

Coming together to make a difference

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At Eunimart we prioritize getting things done. As simple as it may sound, a focus on the end goal and a belief that done is better than perfect is how we approach each day. We are a team of problem solvers. We spend less time on ‘Why?’ and more on ‘How?’. We believe our efforts will help both small businesses and enterprises realize the benefits of global commerce.
We take pride in creating opportunity for businesses of all sizes, no matter where they’re from. At Eunimart we believe that global business should be a global opportunity, and we’re working hard to make our dream of access to international markets a reality for businesses everywhere.

What our employees want to say


Enterprise Sales

Head of sales & Partnerships

Senior Accountant


Marketing Executive

Graphic Designer Intern


Operations Executive

Operations Intern


Front End Developer

IT Project Manager

QA Automation Engineer

Senior Backend Developer

Project Manager

Automation Test Engineer (QA Tester)

DevOps Engineer

Senior UI Developer (React JS)

Python Developer

Junior Python Developer

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