Previously known as Bonanzle, Bonanza is a highly renowned seller-centric online marketplace based out of US. The marketplace was officially founded in June 2008 by Bill Harding with the mission to form a simple online marketplace that makes buying and selling a fun activity. Eunimart is integrated with Bonanza that is renowned as one of the top global online marketplaces in terms of traffic.

With very few hurdles to enter and set up a store on the marketplace, it is a great place for aspirant cross-border sellers to reach out to prospective buyers and augment overall sales and profit. Bonanza specifically is a marketplace that is built for the most unique niche of products; as such, buyers get distinctly engaged in the buying process without bouncing back too much. is headquartered in Seattle Washington and has more than 2 million monthly visitors to choose from a wide range of 3.5 million products. With nearly 500,000 registered sellers from around the world, Bonanza is undoubtedly one of the most widely viewed and used platforms for global Ecommerce.


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