Priceminister, the major French Ecommerce biggie was acquired by the Rakuten Group, one of the largest Ecommerce companies across the globe based out of Japan in June 2010. Eunimart connects Indian online sellers and brands to this second most widely visited online marketplace in France. Priceminister boasts of having one of the largest online communities of users with nearly 21 million registered members on the platform. Our objective at Eunimart is to get you successfully onboarded with this online marketplace that has a reported 25% growth in annual turnover.

The marketplace accounts for 9 million visitors per month which is almost equivalent to one-third of all internet users across France. Priceminister has an access to a wide range of product categories like Music & Instruments, CDs & DVDs, Consoles & Video Games, Books & Comics, Fashion & Beauty, Home & Electronics, Toys & Childcare, Sports & Leisure and so on. There are nearly 30,000 to 50,000 transactions taking place every single day on Priceminister of which one-third of these transactions is by French buyers itself.


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