Amazon is a global online marketplace giant spread over 60 countries that allows sellers to display and sell their offerings to its huge customer base. Third-party sales accounts to nearly $40 Billion of the total annual sales on Amazon.

Based out of the United States, Bonanza is a much renowned seller-centric online marketplace. Having received the title of ‘Most Recommended Marketplace’ in 2016, Bonanza remains the most preferred platform for e-retailers worldwide.


One of the leading B2C & C2C online auction and shopping hubs by eBay Inc., this international marketplace offers the highest product categories. Eunimart sellers constantly acknowledge high order volumes on eBay every week.


Highly acclaimed for being a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) online marketplace for all kinds of vintage, handmade and craftsy items, Etsy rules the international marketplaces for small-scale businesses. A visibile 23% quarterly sales growth has been affirmed by sellers on Etsy’s platform.

Jumia is highly acclaimed as Africa’s first Unicorn in Ecommerce space with over $1 Billion company valuation. It offers sellers the opportunity to sell on a wide variety of product categories. Entering African market is the next big thing for all international merchants.

Lazada, the Flipkart of South East Asia, is known to offer brands and merchants a marketplace solution that has direct access to nearly 550 million customers through one retail channel. Lazada, with its outreach in 6 Asian countries, caters to an extensive offering of multiple product categories for sellers.


Linio, the center-stage for Latin America, is one of the largest and fast growing marketplaces spread over 8 countries with a customer base of over 36 million. Linio has an expected annual growth rate of 24% and offers access to approximately 300 million potential buyers from all over the globe. Linio was accounted to generate $21.7 Billion online retail sales.


ZiFiti is an online marketplace for consumers in the United States to source South Asian Indian products ranging from groceries and handicrafts to apparel and jewelry and more. Sellers from around the globe, not just the Indian subcontinent, watch their sales and brand awareness grow organically with little to no effort on their part once joining this unique platform.


Wish is a global marketplace based on an e-commerce platform that connects millions of merchants and customers across the world. It provides the users a facility to shop millions of products at deep discounts. Wish is the sixth largest e-commerce company in the world.

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