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Digital transformation has cast its shadow on every sphere of life. The impact is prominently visible in the realm of E-commerce or online sale of products and services as well. Being an online seller, you need to have an extraordinary benchmark to be a fore-runner; the competition becomes intensified when you urge to be in the global marketplace. If reading that makes you curious as to how you can possibly be the best amongst the rest, then it is for your better knowledge that there are remarkable international marketplaces where you can validate your pioneer presence as an online seller. Lazada, South East Asia’s largest online shopping platform, offers access to painless Ecommerce experience in a jiffy.



If there is any go-to online shopping portal for South East Asia, it has to be Lazada; it can aptly be referred to as the ‘Amazon of South East Asia’! In just a matter of two years or so, Lazada has surmounted the online sales in South East Asia like never before. No wonder Alibaba, the online B2B giant, made an investment worth US$1 Billion with Lazada of late. Also, in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia customers target this online shopping portal whenever they urge to shop. It goes without saying that aiming to sell on Lazada might be one of the wisest decisions you can ever take as an aspiring online seller to sell internationally. Here given below are some of the necessitous factors that you should probably consider for targeting Lazada for online sale:

  • Outreach: The reach of Lazada to 15+ million visitors every month is worth a special mention because it implies that your products get marketed to across 15+ million different visitors every single month thereby augmenting your possible sales rate day after day. The top notch sellers on Lazada end up selling 1000+ items on a daily basis.
  • Digital Penetration: It might sound miraculous but it is a fact that nearly 2.7+ million Lazada apps have been downloaded so far. This gives a clear picture of the intensity of regular traffic to the portal. Also, a total of approximately 1.7+ million people follows Lazada on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Flexibility to Listing and Pricing: Lazada makes you feel like a free bird with complete control of the listing and pricing of your products. You can list down as many ready-made products as you have on your stock and also take hold of the prices for the same.
  • Higher Ticket Size: Lazada takes proud privilege in acquiring higher ticket size from buyers across 6 different countries where it has established its foothold. It goes without saying that staying confined to the domestic market in India would never fetch you such high ticket sizes from Indian buyers.
  • Competition: Being up and running on Lazada implies facing tough competition from the other Ecommerce biggies in South-East Asia like Zalora, ReeBonz, iBuy and so on.


With a plethora of products in your kitty, you might possibly think that you can put up all of your products for online sale on Lazada. However, to be one of the first-rate sellers on South East Asia’s largest online global marketplace, you need to streamline your product choices to categories that will really sell well. 

The best-selling product categories on Lazada are Fashion items (Men, Women and Kids apparels etc.), Home and Living items (Kitchen & Dining, Furniture, Outdoor & Garden etc.), Electronic items (like Mobiles, Tablets, Computers and Laptops etc.), Sports and Outdoor items (like Jogging or Running equipments, Sunglasses etc.), Travel and Luggage items (like Weekender Bags, Travel Totes etc.), Watches, Eyewear and Jewellery. Therefore, in order to sell internationally online on Lazada and leave a mark in it, you should narrow down your product choices to these specific product categories.


No good thing comes easy. It might seem to you now that registering yourself on Lazada is just a piece of cake and you are all set for it but it is actually an uphill process. You need to be aware of certain key points before registering yourself as an online seller in global marketplace like Lazada which may be listed as following:

  • You need to possess an officially registered business license that will permit you to sell internationally across 6 different Lazada markets.
  • You need to preferably own a corporate Payoneer account for payment flexibility.
  • You need to showcase a minimum of 50 valid SKUs for your products. Prioritization of sellers is done on the basis of the number of SKUs and as such often Chinese sellers with a higher number of SKUs get higher priority leaving behind Indian sellers.
  • Your selected product SKUs need to pass through Lazada Quality Control process to go live.

So in order to even out the oddities in getting yourself onboard on Lazada and boosting up your online sale, you can get in touch with a renowned and reliable B2B E-commerce aggregator like Eunimart. Be the next big brand flashing on Lazada!

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