Cross-Border Logistics

Eunimart Smart Shipping

At Eunimart we bring you the concept of future in present. Building smart shipping solutions driven by technology has been our primary focus to bring down the logistics costs. Overcoming the technology and digitization challenges, Eunimart is a solution to enhanced logistics and shipping performance with a lower pricing models. Keeping pace with the latest trends, our logistics and shipping solutions we are a full-stack solution provider.

Offering land, air and sea freight forwarding after partnering with the leaders of shipping industry we open the gates of global trade for you. Focusing on the good performance of our business intelligent shipping solution, Enuimart helps you expand business, control the risks and offer support in every possible manner.

Service Features

Global Warehousing

Make every corner of world your local markets with our Global Warehousing partnership.

Local Warehousing

Competitively priced, flexible engagement and rightly located local warehouses.

Global Courier Shipment

Safe, secure and optimally priced global courier shipment to make world a small place.

Custom clearance

Knowledge and partnerships make us capable of handling all the custom clearance hassles.

Bulk Shipment

Expedited, secure and competitively priced bulk shipment services with trust and commitment.

Importer on record

We promise to handle all the legal considerations as you purely focus on growing big.


Access at a glance reporting for all the shipments, couriers, inventory and ware house details.

Logistics as a service

Technology advanced logistics services for quick and profitable business growth.



You want a Courier partner, We have got them. You want a warehousing, We have got them too. You want a Freight forwarder. We have got a few of those as well. We missed something. No worries, they would be added soon.

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