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      Market Place Payment Cycles


      It’s essential to understand the online marketplace payment cycle before you start selling online. It’s necessary to understand the online marketplace payment cycle before you start selling online.

      The marketplaces make payments to the sellers’ bank accounts on behalf of their sellers. This is done by the payment cycle of the respective marketplace.

      The payment cycle is a definite period, which ends with the transfer of money from the account of the marketplaces to that of its sellers.

      How Amazon Seller Payment Cycle Works

      Amazon Seller Payment Cycle is the time it takes to receive the money from Amazon after a sale has been made. The payment cycle can be weekly or biweekly. This depends on when you signed up as a seller, how much you’ve sold, and what you’re selling.

      Some sellers can find themselves waiting for a month before receiving their money when they sign up. New sellers are often given a more extended payment cycle of 30 days than existing sellers, who get weekly payments. Amazon wants to ensure that new sellers deliver on their orders before paying. This is to protect buyers from substandard products.

      Payments are deposited into the bank account through direct deposit or wire transfer. Both methods are free of charge.

      What is the Flipkart Seller Payment Cycle

      After you have sold goods on Flipkart, you need to know about the Flipkart Seller Payment Cycle. The payment procedure for Flipkart Seller is effortless, and it does not take much time for the sellers to get their money.

      Sellers on Flipkart can receive their payments on a weekly or a monthly basis.

      In the case of weekly payments, the payment cycle begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. This is followed by a due date, after which the payment will be released to your bank account.

      When it comes to monthly payments, the payment cycle begins on the 1st of every month and ends on the last day of that month. This is followed by a due date, after which the payment will be released to your bank account.

      Additionally, sellers can choose to receive their payments through the following modes:

      • Flipkart Money: If you select this mode of payment, your payouts will be credited to your Flipkart Money account.
      • Demand Draft: With this option, you can receive your payouts in the form of a demand draft.
      • Wire Transfer: You can receive your payouts directly into your bank account with this option.

      How much Commission does Flipkart Take

      When you want to sell a product on the internet, you need to know about the commission charged by the seller. Flipkart is one of the most popular online sellers these days, and it holds a great place in the Indian market.

      The commission charged by Flipkart varies from product type to product type. It can vary based on category, brand, price, and quantity. And if you are selling international products on Flipkart, they take even more commission that varies depending on your selling volume and product price range.

      Flipkart’s commission rate varies from 10% to 35% per item, depending on your selling category.

      How to Receive payment on eBay

      Getting paid is one of the best parts of being a seller on eBay. Find out how you can choose the suitable payment methods for you and how to receive payments.

      Depending on your selling preferences, you can set up PayPal, credit or debit cards, or receive an electronic funds transfer from a bank account.

      You can also add other payment methods, like cash on collection or wire transfer, as long as you include at least one electronic method (PayPal or an electronic funds transfer) in your payment instructions.

      If your buyer pays with a PayPal balance or bank account and the transaction is eligible for Seller Protection, you’re covered against claims. If they use a credit card to purchase, they’re not covered by Seller Protection.

      If you don’t have a PayPal account already, we recommend creating one before listing your first item on eBay. It’s free and easy to create an account, and nearly all buyers use it to pay for their items when shopping online.

      Meesho Payment Cycle for Suppliers

      Meesho tracks orders and payments made by customers on the Meesho platform through an app and settles the amount directly with the suppliers. The payments made by customers through the platform are collected in a separate bank account, processed, and then paid to the supplier via NEFT.

      1. Weekly payments:

      Suppliers who have been on Meesho for more than three months and have built up a strong track record can apply for weekly payments. The amount paid will be the commission earned by Meesho in the preceding week.

      2. Fortnightly payments:

      Suppliers who are new to Meesho or do not meet the criteria for weekly payments can apply for fortnightly payments. The amount paid will be the commission earned by Meesho in the preceding 15 days (15 days is considered as one payment cycle).

      Sell Products on Meesho Without Commission

      Meesho is a platform on which you can sell products online without any commission.

      Sellers can now choose from two selling models when selling on the Meesho app – with or without commission.

      If you choose to sell without commission, you will receive your order value from your customers when they place an order in your store.

      Follow the steps given below to start selling on Meesho:

      You choose products from Meesho App -> Share on social media -> Get orders -> Sell them -> Earn money.

      By selling products online through Meesho, resellers do not have to pay any commission to the platform. When a friend or family member places an order, the reseller gets notified instantly and will receive the payment in their Meesho wallet. These resellers can withdraw their earnings directly into their bank account whenever they wish to.

      Key Points to Keep in Mind

      It’s essential to understand how to get paid from online marketplaces so that you can take advantage of the cash flow opportunities created by these marketplaces.

      When you start selling on the marketplace, it may take up to 30 days before your first payment is released.

      Once you have completed your first sale, if your future sales are FBA, it will take 30 days to begin your next payment cycle. If you’re fulfilling orders as an FBM seller, your payment cycle should start within 14 days.

      It takes 14 days (from the date of payment release) to receive the ACH transfer into your bank account or debit card. In some cases, it may take longer depending on your bank’s processing time.

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