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Open source platform to organically expand revenues 3X. Sell on retail, ecommerce, B2B channels across the world. Logistics & supply chain, marketing, operations powered by AI.

Logistics + Delivery

Most ecommerce platforms spend $1.8 for every $1 they earn, making it a perennially loss making business. There are only 2 ways out of this cycle. First, reduce the costs of customer acquisition by creating organic and viral channels of acquisition. Second, ensure that your customer experience and product range are sticky to reduce customer retention costs. After all, you can retain 5 customers at the cost of acquiring a new customer.
Most brands pay 30% or more of their revenues to marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart as commission, cost of supply chain and marketing. Yet, only 2% of the brands on these channels actually see decent success. Create a sustainable and scalable ecommerce marketplace for your portfolio brands, or augment your third party merchants by using Eunimart's end to end ecommerce automation. It requires little to no effort from your brands as Eunimart's automation does the heavy lifting, keeps costs low and ensures your stickiness with the brands."


"Unless you are a D2C brand, most of your revenues have traditionally come from either retail or B2B sales. However, there has been a major change in customer buying behaviour globally. Most people now buy in a hybrid manner, searching online and buying offine and vice versa, allegiances and loyalty shifting towards niche channels, new channels and customized products. As a result, you need to build for the next decade of growth.
Eunimart offers ready integrations with multiple channels of sales from across the world - retail, ecommerce and B2B - to help you and your portfolio or brands to transfer and expand the value of your existing customers across channels while you acquire new cohorts of customers online. More reasons for your customers to love you as they find you wherever they shop while everything from loyalty programs to communications and supply chain adapts to their needs."

Artificial Intelligence

"True AI gives you wings. It enables you to scale revenues and optimize operations while letting you focus on new opportunities.
Eunimart's AI has been built to help brands generate additional revenues. From predicting demand, to predicting supply and optimizing inventory, to writing the whole catalog from our database to optimizing pricing and marketing efforts to scale revenues, to an omnichannel chatbot, which can be a channel of sale by itself, our deep tech solutions are tailor made for growth."

Supply Chain

"Most of the times, brands fail to succeed due to the high costs or inefficiencies of supply chain. On average, brands spend 30% or more of their GMV on supply chain and logistics, whereas it should not exceed 12% of their GMV. In addition, losses due to supply chain inefficiences can be as high as 15% of the revenues. The most organic and efficient approach to growing your margins is to optiimize your logistics partners, optimize your inventory management and localize your fulfillment.
Eunimart's matrix of 30+ logistics partners at discounted rates and network of 30+ fulfillment partners globally enables you to manage end to end logistics and supply chain without incurring the capital and operating expenses normally needed. Our supply chain intelligence and automation tools drive inventory costs and ineffciencies down, helping brands save up to 35% in costs."

"Imagine if your business customers could login and place their orders, add their own shipping partners, track the orders and create auto-replenishments. Imagine if you could add as many logistics and freight partners yiou want by yourself, define the locations, assign the rates, create granular pricing strategies for each customer and offer deep intelliegence to them to drive their costs down using distributed fulfillment closest to their location. Imagine if you could change the workflows as and when you want and create new workflows on the fly.
Well now you can! All of this and more powered by Eunimart's platform, which also comes pre integrated with the most often used ERP, SCMS and shipping partners. Now everything from procurement, replenishment, forward and reverse logitics, 3PL management and logistics management for B2B on a single platform"

"All international brands can login, upload their catalogs, manage their inventory, link their ERP systems easily, get access to business insights such as AI driven pricing, image optimization, description generated using AI etc. Brands can fulfill orders, send replenishments to your warehouses/fulfillment centers - all fully tracked end to end on the Eunimart platform.
Your supply chain teams or your fulfillment partners have separate logins to see the master data of catalogs, orders, inventory and manage workflows. Customise your workflows depending on whether you want to hold inventory outside of the country and fulfill on demand or import items into the country through free trade zones and distribute locally through your FCs or warehouses."

"By optimising supply chain using data and having a matrix of shipping partners, the cost of supply chain can be driven down by at least 30%.
Our deep learning solutions power demand and supply prediction as well as network logistics optimization, helping brands as well as supply chain companies to understand which product will sell how much in which geography, get better control over sourcing, procurement and replenishment by understanding Safety Stock, Economic Order Quantities, Minimum Order Quantities, etc as well as which location to find warehouses/fulfillment centres in and how much stock of which SKU to hold to minimise the costs associated with over stocking or understocking and which shipping partners to use to minimise time to deliver and returns. "

"Easiest interface with ready workflows to manage 30+ logistics partners with rates that are 50% lower than rack rates to ship to 200 countries across the world. Integrate your own warehouses, manage marketplace shipping or add your own shipping partners and rates. Integrated with other logistics aggregators like Shiprocket and Vamaship for your ease of use.
Access our partner 3PLs to store and ship your orders from the closest location to the customer, bringing the cost of shipping and returns down as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Identify the best places to store your inventory using our AI tools, as well as which shipping partners would be best suited for your needs."

Omnichannel flow charts

Channels of sales

  • Retail stores
  • Webstores
  • Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • B2B

Omnichannel HQ

    Operations/order management
  • Catalog management
  • Order management
  • Inventory
  • Payments Reconciliation
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics management
  • Warehouse management
  • Distributor management
  • ERP
    Marketing Mgmt
  • CRM
    Reports and Insights
  • Feed management
  • Omnichannel chatbot
  • Marketing automtation
  • Business intelligence


Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), is a cloud computing model that provides customers a complete cloud platform. It is built in a modular and open source model. This means you can pick and choose what applications you need in the platform and combine with other solutions as easy as 1-2-3. It also means that you can build your own apps and workflows for individual customers and your internal use cases without any hassle.


Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), is a suite of cloud services enabling the development, execution, and governance of integration flows wherein you can integrate any existing or new applications with ease (similar to Zapier, but powered by NLP).

How is it helpful?

  • 15-20% Higher Sales

  • New Revenue > Increased Monetization > Better Customer Loyalty

  • Cost Reduction

  • Multi-point Hyperlocal Delivery

  • Guaranteed Accuracy

  • Guaranteed Accuracy

Create loyalty with enhanced engagement touchpoints

Provide additional channels of sales

Enable 'making appointments' at stores

Start real-time custom-service

Increase multi-retailer orders from a single pickup

Adopt a 10 min delivery target


Have similar questions?

To check orders from a specific channel, Go to orders > Manage Orders. You can select the channel you wish to from filter Channel. The system will display the orders from the channel you had selected.

Yes, you can use our partners to ship internationally

We support item level tracking. Go to Manage SKUs, if you want to do this with an existing item, click on SKU Code, On SKU Creation click on advanced and check ‘Is Serialised’ box and click on save. If you want the same with a new item then in Manage SKUs screen, Click on add new and click on advanced tab and check Is Serialised box. Now whenever you perform inventory movement operations, System will ask you for the serial no of the item. This serial no. will be unique for each piece of an item. Hence you can track inventory at item level.

You can use our simple pack order process. Go to order processing -> Click on pack orders Tab, and just type order no and click add. Assign packing and transporter details and confirm. Your order is ready for shipping. Print invoice and shipping label and you can ship the order. You can use this method to add multiple orders in a single window. Happy Shipping.

Vin Express comes with easy bulk item creation feature. You can use our simple item import feature where you can upload multiple items through a single excel file. Just fill in the columns which are highlighted with yellow. Your item creation will be completed.

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