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What brands say about us

“With the help of Eunimart, we are now able to reach out to international customers who are deeply interested in their natural products. Such global exposure has brought new opportunities to our local communities and the increased sales have boosted the confidence in keeping on doing the good work. Eunimart's unique tools and services coupled with their expert guidance at every step of the ecommerce journey have proven to be a big help in the success of Jivika Naturals.”

Rahul Patel Co-Founder Jivika Naturals

I had very little idea about what to do and which marketplace to target in the international marketplaces, all this has changed when I got on a call with Eunimarts experts. They helped gain insights into the current marketplace that is known to few. They also explained to me about the different rules and regulations for products coming in from other countries.

Eunimart helped target the right marketplaces internationally thereby helped them to drive more sales for the business. Eunimart helped them identify South East Asia as the right market for their products and got them onboarded on Lazada, Shopee and other Market Places

Nithin Founder & Brand Owner

By using Eunimart's solutions, WI Retail gained access to international marketplaces, including Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. Eunimart assisted in launching our products in the right market where our products are in great demand, this helped us to increase the sales massively. With Eunimart help WI Retail managed to scale order count to around 300+ after onboarding with Eunimart.

Muhammed Azeem Warsi CEO and Co Founder Brand Panjatan