Insead Singapore publishes case study on Eunimart’s Crossborder Ecommerce Play

In another major development and achievement for Eunimart, it not only became a case study for INSEAD which was also published, but was privileged enough for its unique model to be studied at various levels of the MBA programs of the institute. GEMBA, MBA as well as MIM students at INSEAD Singapore today study Eunimart as a case study.

The initial model being based upon the Blue Ocean strategy was improved upon with time to include the ecosystem strategy and that’s what ultimately gave a boost to Eunimart to be able to stand tall today, a winner of many awards for its products and funding from various funding agencies worldwide.

The Eunimart case study was conceived by Gabriel Szulanski, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, and subsequently written by Jenifer Raver and Jean Wee.

Shayak Mazumder, the founder of Eunimart realised that what the company needed was to go from ‘Straight Line Value Chains to Ecosystems.’ He realised the importance of marketplaces and built an AI powered platform using Machine Learning to provide affordable services to MSMEs.

This helped the company to gain a firm foothold in surging ahead.

Eunimart’s quick grasp of the situation and change of its model in the nick of time led to its success and in becoming an interesting case study for students at INSEAD Singapore.

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