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      Products Categories that Sell Well on Meesho


      Meesho is an E-commerce platform that helps businesses sell merchandise through social media. It is an Indian-based reselling portal that is available as a mobile application. It allows individuals and small businesses to use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to connect with customers. Anyone registering on this platform must consider in-demand items for their Meesho products list. Popular Meesho all products include ethnic wear, skincare products, jewellery, kitchen appliances and furniture. These products do pretty well on online reselling portals.

      Selling Women’s, Men’s and Kids Apparel on Meesho

      Suppliers have several options among Meesho products in women, men and kids apparel. There is a huge market for Indian and western wear on this E-commerce platform. In the Meesho Products list, Kurtis, Sarees, Lehengas, etc., are very popular among women. Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, watches, etc., are high selling items in the Men’s category. Baby care products, toys and kids apparel are major selling items for children.  

      Selling Bags and Footwear on Meesho

      Customers actively look for bags and footwear and include them in their online shopping Meesho products list. These items are available at reasonable prices with several design options. The suppliers can also set their profit margins on their merchandise. It allows them to engage with a broader audience without any promotional spending. These advantages make the bags and footwear category a profitable option for suppliers.

      Selling Skincare and Wellness Products on Meesho

      Suppliers can add skincare and wellness products to their Meesho products list. These items on Meesho have a lot of variety both for men and women. Makeup kits, cosmetics, hair care, body care, skin care products and appliances are regularly sold on this platform. Suppliers must have an updated Meesho products list with prices and discounts to attract more users to their merchandise.

      Selling Jewellery on Meesho

      The jewellery Meesho product list includes a lot of variety and price options to choose from. Suppliers can sell jewellery sets, earrings, studs, bangles, bracelets, chains, rings, etc., for both men and women. Many customers add these to their online shopping Meesho product list. The quality and affordability of these products have made them a prevalent choice among users of this app.

      Selling Kitchen Appliances and Products on Meesho

      The Meesho kitchen products are a good option for both resellers and suppliers. The product margins on items like cutlery and kitchen tools can allow them to make decent profits. The Meesho kitchen products list also includes storage boxes, cookware and utensils. Kitchen appliances like stove, mixers and grinders are also a part of the collection. Suppliers should have the Meesho kitchen products price list on their home page to inform buyers about the available items.

      Selling Home Decor on Meesho

      The Meesho products for Home Decor include a diverse collection of items. Suppliers can sell bedsheets, doormats, cushion covers, curtains and sheets, among other things. They can sell home improvement products for bathroom accessories, gardening or insect protection. Home appliances, clocks, paintings, wall hangings can also be a part of the Meesho product list for suppliers and consumers.

      Selling Electronic Appliances on Meesho

      Electronic Appliances are among the top-selling categories on Meesho. Items like speakers, headphones, smartphones, cameras should be a part of the Meesho products list for buyers and sellers. Power banks, microphones, smartwatches, etc., are also available at hefty discounts for customers. These appliances come with strict quality checks to ensure that buyers don’t get defective products from Meesho.

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