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      Sell Handmade Products Online


      Indian Handmade has a robust market not just within the country but also among the overseas audience. Although knockoff Chinese products have made a dent in the market, many people still prefer authentic handmade products. An E-commerce website dedicated to these items will help businesses reach customers without much effort.

      Here is a glimpse of the entire process in steps :

      • Decide your niche within handmade products
      • Conduct research about resources for making those items,
      • Manufacturing these products¬†
      • Determine the selling price (including the profit margins)
      • Licensing these products
      • Finalize the Marketplaces to sell them online

      Research for Handmade Products Ideas

      Any online business must have adequate knowledge about the product that they wish to manufacture and sell. Although there are several handmade items that you can sell online, they must also generate profitability to ensure the survival and growth of your business. There are several pros (uniqueness of individual products, environment-friendly and customizable to suit the needs of their customers) and cons (quality control issues, steep pricing, and low production volumes) that one must consider before stepping into this business.

      Determining Product Source

      Once you have finalized the product after conducting research, the next step is to make these products. You can either do it yourself or procure it from artisans or craftsmen who can manufacture these items. This decision depends on whether procuring such products is more efficient and budget-friendly than making them yourself. Quality is another crucial factor in deciding whether to source these items outside or manufacture them within your establishment.

      Calculate the Profitability of Handmade Products

      It is common knowledge that handmade products will be a tad more expensive than mass-produced items. But if these products are one of a kind that requires significant amounts of time, effort, and money – it may end up eating into your profit margins. This is because high production costs will have to be offset by charging more from your customers, which may lower your sales volumes significantly in the long run. Thus it is vital to indulge in minute calculations without leaving single details aside.

      Cataloging Handmade Products to Sell

      The decision to catalog your product with an E-commerce website can be a make or break for your business. To ensure a decent profit margin, you need to select websites that cater to your product category niche while offering you a sizeable customer base for your handmade items. Featuring your product on an E-commerce website must generate enough sales to offset hosting charges while also delivering some income for the business.

      Best Marketplaces for Selling Handmade Products Online

      There are several marketplaces (both niche or otherwise) that list handmade items for sale. Below are some websites where you can sell homemade items both locally and abroad:

      Handmade at the Amazon

      Amazon continually lists products made by local handicrafts and artisans sourced from across the country. It provides marketing and logistical support to ensure that your craft finds the right audience.

      Sell Handmade Products on Etsy

      If you have a well-crafted and authentic product, then Etsy is the right place to showcase it. It is the home for handmade and vintage items where your products will get the appreciation they truly deserve. Here is a detailed guide if you are considering Etsy is the place for you.

      Sell Handmade Products on Craftsvilla

      Craftsvilla is on the lookout for products that represent the diverse culture of our nation. It connects artisans with buyers who genuinely appreciate and reward their work of art.

      Sell Handmade Products on Bonanza

      Bonanza caters to handmade items from multiple product categories while ensuring that the artists who made these products get the buyers they were looking for.

      Start Your Ecommerce Growth Today

      E-commerce ensures visibility, wider reach, significant profit margins, and consistent business in the long run. For assistance, Let Eunimart guide you with their expertise to utilize the online marketplaces for handmade products in the best way possible.

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