Should retail businesses invest in ecommerce solutions now or wait?

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Remember that building an ecommerce site now—even if it’s a scaled version of what your brand needs—can help catapult and protect your brand as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to make an impact.

“52% of consumers are avoiding crowds and 32% are leaving their house less often because of Coronavirus. And the stock market has become increasingly volatile.”

During this unexpected Pandemic COVID-19, retail businesses face a tough choice of complete closure for an unknown period or mitigating losses by taking solace in ecommerce solutions. To maintain Social Distancing and yet continue with the business it is imperative to encourage your customers to shop online. These testing times are bringing to fore the accelerated adoption of online services and possibly creating a long term behavioural change in the way people shop, consume media, health, get educated, or generally get things done.

Retail businesses are on life support and need a boost of life, it is now or never. The lockdown has adversely affected retail businesses and it is now the survival of the fittest. To achieve success one has to think ahead. It is extremely important to try and stay in the picture and for that, the time is perfect to invest in ecommerce solutions immediately to scale omnichannel during the lockdown with an influx of shoppers.

The advice is: Now is the time to revisit your marketing and omnichannel spend and improve the effectiveness of your virtual communications; treat your homepage like your storefront and transition some of your physical store experience onto your product pages and social media channels. And don’t forget about pay-per-click channels like search and display.

It is important to remember that going for ecommerce solutions does not mean closing down your brick and mortar store altogether. As physical stores are closing and people look for alternatives to buying and selling face to face, ecommerce is playing a crucial role. 

So join the band to weather this storm because ecommerce will provide you with

  • More traffic because people are very cautious during the pandemic and even people who never shopped online are taking to it. Remember you’re on the ground store is there to stay but in the meantime, you build up an online clientele and this puts you at an advantage when normalcy comes around again. You not only promote your store but you offer your unique product online. Developing your website would be the first step if you don’t already have one and adopting digital marketing strategies would also be equal. At Eunimart we provide unique and affordable solutions for retail businesses with continuous support from us and we want to leave no stone unturned to help every Indian retail business get back on their feet.
  • Investments in ecommerce solutions do not make a huge dent in your pocket yet they give positive results. It is important to realize that when you use ecommerce and sell online your customers are not limited by the timings you set for your physical store. Hence your sales could be 24/7 and this will help to boost your revenue. 
  • A good search engine will increase your traffic and will increase your sales. Cross-selling and upselling will improve business revenue and brand image. Taking the help of ecommerce solutions at this critical juncture will give you a competitive advantage and Eunimart’s unique platform is the perfect answer. We will help you at every step with an array of information and smart solutions to influence the purchasing decision of clients.
  • Ecommerce is indeed a viable investment during the pandemic so that you can relieve yourself of the fear and anxiety of losing your business during these critical times when most standalone retail shops have had to close and have no idea about when they can be back to business again.
  • Our cutting-edge software solutions help to track customer behaviour as well as present your brand respectably to your target audience.

Eunimart provides the following solutions:

  • Omnichannel Commerce.
  • Headless Commerce.
  • Ecommerce Automation.
  • Retail & Point of Sales.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Supply Chain Management System.
  • Cross-border Ecommerce Management.

Physical stores have mostly had no choice but to remain closed during this marathon lockdown and send their employees home. Eunimart can be the trusted advisor to all such brands now. We help you through ecommerce to remain relevant to your customers even during these difficult times. It is at these times that ecommerce becomes more relevant and brands realize that it is an omnichannel strategy that can help them to keep their doors open no matter what.

Remember that building an ecommerce site now—even if it’s a scaled version of what your brand needs—can help catapult and protect your brand as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to make an impact. 

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