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The 3Ws Governing Online Product Catalogue

First impressions are extremely important. The success of any Ecommerce business depends on the standard of the online product catalogue it brings on the table, especially when it comes to global Ecommerce. This is so because selecting an appropriate way to display the complete range of products is vital in determining whether the prospective buyers will continue the buying process till checkout or will simply quit the store page. As such, a seller or brand should not only aim at having an aesthetically pleasing online product catalogue but also a powerful one that fetches critical conversions and augmented revenue for global Ecommerce business.

To start off with the process of online product creation, the 3Ws (What, Who and Why) governing it should be taken into account. At first, a seller or a brand needs to know what are its products and services, what will be the best order to present them, what level of information needs to be presented and what are the competitor approaches for it. Next, a seller or a brand should be aware of who exactly the targeted audience is and what do they expect in order to avoid any mismatch in this regard. Lastly, a seller or a brand should know why a particular product of the range of products is effective for a prospective buyer. With a complete understanding of what, who and why coming up with an informative and engaging online product catalogue becomes quite simple and uncomplicated.

Creating a Successful Online Product Catalogue

Online product catalogues offer a convenient framework for presenting branded information about a particular product or range of products in a visually appealing way. A successful online product catalogue wins the attention of prospective buyers and leads to increased conversion rates. There are certain ways of creating a successful online product catalogue which may be summarised as follows:

The organisation of Products: Organising products appropriately in an online product catalogue is of high value. It is crucial to assess the top-selling products and group them accordingly in order to display them at the store-front. Also, analysing the best deals and discounts for these products and featuring them accordingly is important. Having a deep insight into how the competitors structure their catalogues and how far it is successful can prove to be helpful.

Preparing Content and Images: The content and images of products give them the required face value in front of prospective buyers. As such, content and images of products should be prepared in a manner that explicitly conveys the product’s benefits and exclusiveness to the prospective buyer and builds interest for purchase. Any kind of duplicity in content and images should be strictly avoided.

Designing Layout of Store Pages: A well-placed store page layout grabs prospective buyer’s attention right at the first visit. Layouts of store pages for international online marketplaces should be as such that it can be quickly identified and also price compared.

Pruning for SEO: The practice of eliminating all kinds of material on a store page that adds little or no value for a prospective buyer from SEO point of view is called pruning. It doesn’t imply the deletion of pages rather implies deactivating out-of-stock products (till the time they are available again) and removing them from the product index.

Employing Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Strategies: For increasing the overall conversion rates and sales, employing cross-selling and up-selling strategies can be of considerable help. Having a ‘You May Also Like’ kind of list to display products that can be used along with the current product or other related products of higher-order can add more weightage to the online product catalogue.

Reviewing Performance of Catalogue for better results: Taking out time to analyse the ROI of an online product catalogue is crucial from time-to-time. This helps in gaining insights about the targeted clientele and their choices and preparing the next catalogue accordingly.

Better Online Product Catalogue Boosts ROI: An online product catalogue is the virtual representation of information a seller or a brand wants to give out about the range of products live on international online marketplaces. It is not always possible for a seller or a brand to be available for answering all sorts of queries that revolves around a prospective buyer’s mind before buying a product. This is where the significance of an informative and engaging online product catalogue lies in driving higher conversion rates and boosting greater ROI.

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