What is Amazon ASIN

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You may be wondering ‘what is ASIN in Amazon’ and its uses. Amazon ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique item code with ten characters. It allows both buyers and e-commerce sellers to track and identify a specific item(s). These codes are alphanumeric, i.e. they consist of both letters and numbers. 

Why Sellers Need to Know Amazon ASIN

E-commerce sellers should know about ASIN in Amazon because it will help them list, track, and index their products both on online and offline catalogues.

To Protect the Brand and Products

Amazon ASIN allows sellers to protect their brands and products because it acts as a differentiation factor. It also prevents sellers from selling your product without permission, and it also prevents counterfeiting. Having an Amazon ASIN number ensures that your brand value and reputation stays intact.

Scouting and Researching Product

An Amazon ASIN code can be a great help in product research and scouting. Each of your competitor’s products will have its unique Amazon ASIN code. It will help you to analyse and track their sales, performance, advertisement and other campaigns. It will help you find out more about the market and prepare your product strategy.


How to Generate ASIN Amazon

Many sellers want to know what ASIN is and how to generate it for their products. Any seller should first register their business on the Amazon Seller Central Account. Then they should input their Product ID and other details to get their unique Amazon ASIN.


How to use Existing ASIN Amazon

The process of using an existing Amazon ASIN is not as complicated as you may think. Visit your Amazon Seller Central Account, click on ‘Manage Inventory’ and add the product listing to your Catalog. This process allows you the convenience of using an Existing Amazon ASIN number instead of creating a new one.  


Listing ASIN Amazon

If you are not clear about ASIN and how to list it, the process is not very complicated. Whether you are creating a new ASIN or are using an existing one, you must submit the product details first. Once Amazon accepts your inputs, they will assign you the ASIN and publish the product details page.


How To Find Amazon ASIN

The process of finding a product through their Amazon ASIN code is reasonably straightforward. You can either use the product URL that contains the 10-character code of numbers and letters. Or you can look at the product information page of a particular item that includes details about the code.


Using Product URLs

The product URL is the easiest way to find the Amazon ASIN number of a particular product. It is present at the top of a product page, and it contains the 10-character code. It would be best if you had the correct product name, or else you may get the wrong ASIN.

Using Product Information

You can also find the Amazon ASIN number of a particular item on the product page. First, you have to search for the correct product name on the Amazon Seller Central Platform. Then, you have to go to the product description section. You will find the ASIN code in that section, along with other details.

ASIN Lookup Tools

Amazon ASIN reverse lookup tools help you find relevant keywords related to your product. Use these keywords to understand the latest trends in the market and tailor your product description accordingly. It can help you increase your website ranking, which will lead to more significant traffic and sales prospects.

What is the difference between ASIN and SKU in Amazon?

While Amazon ASINs and SKUs are both used to identify products, they serve different functions. ASIN is a unique product, and SKU is an offer. This means that multiple SKUs can belong to the same ASIN and one ASIN can have multiple offers. Different sellers selling the same product can create their own SKUs for the same ASIN. SKU is at the seller level, while ASIN is at the global level. ASINs help in the identification of unique products in Amazon search, whereas SKUs are used to manage physical inventory. A wise Amazon Seller will use both to keep track of their products and marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions :


1. Is ASIN the same as ISBN?

Ans. Because Amazon began by selling mostly books, the ASIN is very similar to the ISBN (standard number for books). Both are ten digits, and in most cases, the ISBN is also the ASIN. For other products, the ASIN may be a combination of numbers and letters.


2. How do I change my Amazon ASIN?

Ans. To edit your Amazon ASIN :

  • Visit the Product Listings page to see the listing (Inactive, Active, or Ineligible tab).
  • Click Edit Assigned ASIN under Actions. This action will take you to the Product Listing Update page.
  • Enter the new ASIN value in the Assign ASIN field.
  • Click Save Listing Update to save your changes.


3. Why is my ASIN not showing?

Ans. One of the most common reasons for an ASIN being unsearchable is that it has a future launch date. In other words, the product is not yet available for purchase. An ASIN’s launch date must be in the past for it to be searchable.


4. How do I merge ASIN?

Ans. You can open a support case in Vendor Central, select manage my catalogue, select duplicates, and then describe the issue in the merge ASIN form. When you submit this information, Amazon will roll it up and display the duplicates as offers on your ASIN.


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