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The cornerstone of every E-commerce business is the product catalogue; it is not only integral but imperative for a business to succeed. It is the important wing of E-commerce that every retailer needs to concentrate upon because the idea is to absorb the customer into a lengthy affair with his online shopping, spending time to browse, to admire, and to get addicted to the website. This requires effort, and the owner would do well to create memorable, visually appealing, content-rich, catalogues to grow his business by converting potential customers into loyal ones. To give a seamless experience while shopping, E-commerce retailers need to rely upon Automation throughout, in today’s world and no arm of it can escape this, including cataloguing solutions.

Unless it is a visual treat with a powerfully compelling description, a product could become a liability because online shopping cannot give you the physical feel of a product. The catalogue therefore plays a pivotal role in convincing a shopper to check out, and it is the thrust behind every shopper to convert into a customer. Therefore the website owner and retailer needs to provide a catalogue that can dispel all shortcomings of online shopping by introducing automated solutions. This means an array of product images coupled with detailed information and ‘persuasive communication techniques’ that will encourage the shopper and help to make up his mind about a product by being interactive.

A product catalogue needs to present and project the best in a business, to make it represent your unique product or brand and speak for the brand per se. In fact; a catalogue sets your identity to shoppers and builds your image to the public who will have trust in you so that shoppers can get a wholesome shopping experience through an automated cataloging solution. For this you need to ensure that the catalogues launch faster especially with seasonal sales or new products, there is global as well as a domestic listing of products and use of marketplace specific image formats and catalog templates that are in sync with the site.

An automatic catalogue system can source products automatically in order to audit information based on customizable and pre-defined rules and to standardize them. They have the ability to gather product information, images as well as attributes from different sources at a very high speed and create a consistent, responsive, interactive catalogue.

Benefits of catalog automation


  • An automated cataloging system can crawl product data from a specified source many times in order to ensure that the highest amount of information is covered.
  • With the product ID as a reference, AI-powered platforms can extract relevant information and then create product catalogues containing several attributes
  • Huge amount of jumbled-up product data is then tagged and sorted into templates that are of specific categories automatically.
  • It is thus able to create readymade URLs by downloading and restructuring images.
  • Once the punctuation and spelling errors are taken care of along with other content errors, the catalogue is ready to go live.

At this juncture, it is essential to note that the better the content and responsiveness of your catalogue, the more clicks your website will get. So it is a multidimensional tool. Often a catalogue can also be used to represent either a guide that optimizes the website with product-related keywords, a data storage system that is an indicator of what is in demand amongst customers, a supporting tool for social media and also an inventory management system. An automated catalogue thus doubles up as many things to support your business.

Hence Eunimart feels that all E-commerce vendors should avail the solutions available at your fingertips on our website and empower your business with automated cataloguing solutions.

It is said that “Businesses with large and dynamically changing portfolios require an agile and flexible data infrastructure that allows them to deliver relevant product content and a real-time view of inventory throughout the customer experience to drive every browse closer to a buy.”In a gist, this is what Automation for cataloguing solutions means.

Managing a catalogue system could be challenging, and therefore you need to use software designated for the purpose which can
  • Eliminate manual efforts through an automated central repository of all merchandise related SKUs and using the attributes already spoken about to drive business performance.
  • Can also process images which can eliminate duplicates and even resize images to suit the relevant marketplace.
  • They actually act as a medium that helps the coordination between teams, even outsourcing ones giving them access to relevant data while protecting sensitive information in order to deliver a great experience with the catalogue when shopping.
Finally, we at Eunimart have realized that one of the best ways to reach out to consumers with your brand or product is through the catalogue. Use automated cataloguing solutions in the marketplaces where your shoppers are. The offer of abundant choice, pop up of preferred choice, multiple payments and delivery options coupled with the listing of products that have a global reach can increase your customer base and thus the revenue for your company. Consumers love channels that load faster, give them easy accessibility and have the ease of navigation not to speak of personalized offers and preferences, all of which can be achieved with automated solutions set to enamour the shopper and convert him into a loyal customer.

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