Catalog Management for Crossborder Ecommerce Marketplaces

Tips, challenges, solutions for catalog management in cross-border Ecommerce Marketplace
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With e-commerce marketplaces growing in leaps and bounds, the customers, too, demand a rich online experience at all times. As such, sellers are bent on adopting a multi-channel selling approach, of which catalog management forms the base and the backbone. It is the process involving the e-commerce product catalog for the purpose of ensuring the quality of the product data across the channels. In the international marketplace, it is through an organized catalog that shoppers are able to make data-driven buying decisions based on the descriptions of the different products.

Challenges in catalog Management for Cross-Border e-commerce

Now, catalog management is a time-consuming process that requires the manager to extract and import the data from various sources in differing formats. As such, there are several challenges that come in the way of effective catalog management, which is otherwise indispensable for the success of the cross-border e-commerce sales. Let’s take a look at some of these:

1. Managing the digital shelf of an online store is impossible without an effective catalog management system in place. And for this, updating the SKU’s on a regular basis is a time consuming and tiresome process with the need to add the new features and changes to the existing information.

2. With the ever-growing e-commerce market size, the need to target multiple channels has become too important. So, listing and updating product data simultaneously become rather arduous. Sellers have the chance to leave the listings incomplete and the inability to do the updates effectively leads to a negative user experience.

3. Managing the data that comes from the suppliers is yet another challenge in catalog management. The data can be incomplete and irrelevant at times, making the management an extremely difficult task.

4. Maintaining data consistency remains a challenge too. The more expanded the product catalog gets, the higher are the chances of errors in data management, especially when it is done across the borders.

Tips and Solutions for Effective Catalog Management

tips for successful catalog management

The benefits of catalog management for cross-border e-commerce are many. To make the most of them, here are some effective tips and solutions:

  • The first tip or step to successful catalog management is using catalog management software that makes it easy for the brands to manage the product data with less redundancy in product information. The software will collate the enterprise data within a centralized system and offer complete visibility and access to brands with a single browser, thereby prompting quick responses to market changes.
  • With a central repository of product data, the accessibility of the data to all business users is established. As such, business users can now centrally manage a cross-channel strategy by creating and managing the catalogs across multiple marketplaces.
  • Accurate product information is very crucial to the new generation online shoppers. As such, image transformation according to different marketplaces is an obvious way of delivering an amazing experience. Here again, a catalog management software automatically transforms the images just as there is a change in the related product. All these lead to consistent brand experiences across the distributed e-commerce ecosystem.
  • Product management and categorization is a potential challenge in catalog management, which is duly addressed by the catalog management software. The software takes a comprehensive approach in placing products under different categories and sections to promise end customers with a structure they would fall for.

Finally, the product catalog information needs to be cross-checked thoroughly comparing them with the listings. This way, the information is made accurate so that the customers are never frustrated with mismatched product descriptions, leading to a not so desirable experience.Catalog management, if done efficiently, can let the global marketplaces grow to enormous heights.

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