Crossborder ecommerce – What are the Barriers?

6 Crossborder challeneges that you should fix
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With the rapid growth of modern technology and the internet, cross-border e-commerce is also emerging as a perfect platform for ecommerce players across the world. Factors like digital payments, digital advertisements, and analytics-driven customer engagement have facilitated the e-commerce business to grow faster than any other business.

Well, still there is something holding up the growth of cross-border e-commerce. If you look at the challenges in this platform, there are plenty of cross-border e-commerce challenges and now those have become a barrier to more cross-border e-commerce sales that entrepreneurs fail to solve.

As every problem comes with a solution, you can also overcome these challenges. But first, you have to know about challenges about crossborder ecommerce so that it can help you take appropriate steps.

The 6-Major Crossborder Ecommerce Challenges

  •  Issues related to regulation in Crossborder ecommerce:
    Each country has its own rules and regulations for trading or import and export for cross border ecommerce. For instance, you may fall into legal trouble if you ship goods to a country where the product does not meet the required regulations. But the several cross-border e-commerce challenges may cause you to repeatedly change your mind and not comply with them. So, you will have to comply with the regulatory bodies in order to face the challenges of selling internationally.

Solution: It is not just about meeting your local laws, it’s also about having recourse to legal authorities when the need arises. So, ensure that you know the regulations of your home country as well as the other countries where you plan to expand your e-commerce business.

  • Payment methods and processing in Crossborder ecommerce:Many entrepreneurs face cross-border e-commerce challenges related to payment methods. Sometimes the seller won’t get the payment in time or there might be the case in which the payment gets rejected.Solution: You must consult about the recommended e-commerce platforms from the industry experts. Eunimart will help you in getting payments on time and go for those platforms that have a robust payment system so that you will have a hassle-free transaction.
  • Trust Factor in Crossborder ecommerce:
    If the seller is planning to go for a cross-border e-commerce platform then trust factor plays an important role. They want to understand if the e-commerce platform is the right one or not, how the return process works and whether they can trust the means of payment.

Solution: You must ensure that you should get valid and proper information of the e-commerce platform on which they are going to sell your products. You should contact any experts for this and ask them which e-commerce platform will be right for you. Eunimart offers you end to end management of your product listing management, payments, and logistics along with proper optimization to improve the trust factor.

  • Higher product price and shipping cost in Crossborder ecommerce

    One of the major cross-border e-commerce challenges in today’s world starts with the higher product price and shipping cost that the e-commerce entrepreneurs charge to their customers. Many Indian entrepreneurs at times don’t know the international selling trends in terms of pricing and even they don’t have enough idea how to do cross border ecommerce business online from India. Sometimes it happens that the cost you charge the customers for a particular product, might be available at a cheaper price in retail stores in that country.

Solution:There are many online stores in the market and all have the same aim of attracting more customers. So it’s important that you offer quality products at an affordable price and shipping cost so that you don’t lose them out to your competitors.

  • Different Languages and Translation in Crossborder ecommerce: Selling products to the customers across the world means you have to design your website as per their need and their languages. Going abroad means translating the online shop, product descriptions, marketing efforts, terms of use and all consumer communication so that one can understand those properly. If you will not use relevant languages, you can’t sell your product in other countries.

Solution: You can provide product descriptions and other relevant content of the product in the local language. It will help to boost the search engine ranking and attract more traffic to your websites.

  • Returns policy in Crossborder ecommerce:
    For customers shopping cross-border, they need a transparent returns procedure so that they can feel comfortable to buy the products. The consumers normally worried about high return costs, complicated process to get back their money, and they also feel that it will be difficult to replace the product.

Solution: Offer the customers a transparent return policy and make sure to return the money in time. So, the customer can develop trust in you and your business.

Hence, these are some of the cross-border e-commerce challenges and their solutions that you can consider to improve your services and compete with your other e-commerce competitors. At Eunimart, we have a strategy and goal plan to solve all the challenges in Cross-border e-commerce for sellers and merchants.

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