Effective Order Fulfilment Tips for Selling International

effective order fulfilment tips for selling international
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To tackle the spurt of challenges of the global economy, E-commerce companies should try to transform supply chains into information-oriented value chains. A successful order management as well as order fulfilment portfolio is pretty much a mandate for being in the forefront of the international E-commerce run.

According to the Supply Chain Council, order fulfilment pertains to the percentage of orders that meet the requisite delivery performance with minimal delivery damages. You should not fall prey to the logic of ‘The Better Mousetrap Fallacy’ and as such have engaging product lines with a well-designed website and easy payment procedure supported by powerful order fulfilment to ensure successful cross-border deliveries within promised timelines at expenses that can be absorbed within the product pricing. Maintaining core proficiency in order management and order fulfilment is extremely essential for the overall success of your global E-commerce venture. In order to soar high in this regard, you should be well-versed with the five most important attributes of order management and fulfilment which are as following:

  • Maintaining Proper Inventory: Your inventory undoubtedly happens to be one of the most crucial assets of your international E-commerce business and keeping a meticulous track of it and handling it efficiently is necessary for the entire business process to run smooth. The stock of your goods should be present insufficient amounts to avoid any chances of running out of stock for cross-border sales. You should choose a proper method to monitor the inventory, shelving and labeling of stocks. Besides these, replenishing orders (updating stock due to returns and exchange) is equally important for you as a cross-border seller.
  • Meeting Deadlines: It goes without saying that deadlines really matter a lot in running a successful global E-commerce venture. You should be alert of the stipulated deadline that you have proposed to the marketplaces for acknowledging and confirming a booked order and shipping it. This is so because according to your promised date the respective marketplace intimates the expectant delivery date of the product to the buyer; therefore, failing to meet your promised deadline will increase the risks of order cancelation and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Quality Check: Before the final release of an order, it is a must that a thorough quality check of the product is conducted. This is necessary to unveil any kind of defects or damages in the product in case of which the order is likely to get rejected by the customer due to poor or faulty quality parameters. It is needless to say that an order return from across the borders will cost you forward and return logistics charges which might set a heavy blow on your revenue.
  • Packaging: Selecting the right kind of product and enclosing it immaculately for the purpose of distribution, storage and usage is extremely important to cater to the expected delivery standards by the buyer. The packaging of a product should be robust enough to withstand successful cross-border deliveries that will guarantee minimum transit damages and returns.
  • Dispatch: The final release of a product from the seller should comply with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for dispatch. Getting prepared for shipping the product, contacting a reliable logistics provider, procuring an Air Way Bill (AWB) from the logistics provider and pasting it correctly onto the product and sending it across directly to the buyer or through one or more distribution points needs to be carried out with utmost accuracy for international transhipment of the product.

Though these attributes might seem an easy ride to master at but is actually pretty uphill to accomplish. It is prudent on your part to get in touch with a third-party service provider like Eunimart to make your order management and order fulfilment processes not so tedious for you!

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